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Data Strategy

Data has no value unless it serves your organization. An ad-hoc data strategy demands inordinate time and attention, and it does little to meaningfully inform decisions. Outdated systems make data inaccessible, leaving you vulnerable to missed opportunities and ill-informed action. Complex questions find answers and business goals become reachable when our specialists assess your current data reality—and your objectives. 

Our first step is understanding your current assets, frustrations, challenges, and processes through a discovery process that brings context to problems you’ve identified and uncovers potential issues lurking within your current approach to data and data strategy. When we know who and where you are—and which questions you need to answer to grow your business—we can help you optimize performance by drawing the most from your data.

Data Strategy

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

Turning your data into a strategic asset requires an approach that misses no detail and assesses the whole picture. We meticulously assess your current data assets, challenges, and strengths in light of the outcomes you want so that we can collaborate with you to delineate a plan that more fully utilizes your data to support your strategy.

We’re data experts who lead with humanity. We’re fearless problem solvers who rely on empathy and a Design Thinking approach to break through expectations and innovate toward solutions that help your organization thrive. Our process is radically different from traditional data consulting, and it brings extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

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Developing your data strategy begins with our data assessment. Within the framework of your business goals and industry best practices, we delve into your current data approach to help you answer the big questions and incorporate the strategies that serve your mission.

You get a carefully delineated plan for implementation of all potential projects that support that strategy, bring more from your data, and integrate the technology that brings your solution to life. We leave you ready with everything you need to move forward. (And we can help you get that rolling, too, if you like.) Our data, technology, and business consultants complete a thorough review of your data sources, systems, and technology.

A close look at the source systems and volume, velocity, and variety of data enables us to understand your data repository structures and database schemas and tables—and to uncover potential issues.

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Our discovery process includes a close analysis of your system documentation and production, development, or test system databases. We work toward detailed understanding of sourcing and processing across systems to find the strengths and challenges within your current data strategy.

After interviews with key personnel from a wide range of roles, we synthesize findings to report on how you’re using data, key performance indicators, known issues, how you’re leveraging data to inform decisions—and other critical factors that provide insight into the potential within your current strategy.

When we know where you stand, we can help get you where you’re going. Based on our discovery process, we provide prioritized strategic initiatives that bring greater value to your data through quick wins and long-term projects.

Your data strategy requires strong data architecture to come to life. Our discovery process and your desired outcomes drive our approach to elements like data ingestion, integration, storage, visualization, and security.

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“We’re not going to have to wait on data. We’re not going to have to make decisions based on stale or old information. We’ve now been able to make decisions in real time.”

Chris Atkins State of Indiana, Former Chief Financial Officer

“Our data and information structure is immensely more sophisticated now than it was four to five years ago. Now that the structure is in place, we are able to spend our time solving problems.”

Mayor Scott Fadness City of Fishers

We're proud to help our clients thrive.

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