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Turn data into action with a vigilant team of experts who provide ongoing support for your data governance, platform optimization, and analytics.

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Find ongoing data maturity support with a partner focused on your goals.

Fulfilling your data strategy and continuously getting the insight you need from your data solutions requires an active approach. Data managed services help you reach and maintain the data maturity level where your organization thrives—even as you grow. With expert management from a dedicated team, you develop the data-driven culture to stay ahead of the competition and fuel decision-making. Our team provides vigilant oversight for your solutions and analytics through data as a service (DaaS) models and other tools.

Work with a partner who’s as invested as you are in your organization’s goals and priorities. We establish the data architecture, policies, and procedures that ensure quality, security, and compliance so you always get reliable insight from your data. Our DaaS model provides tailored, detail-oriented attention to your data maturity and keeps you moving forward no matter what challenges arise. 

With data and analytics managed services, your data quality and usability are never a problem, and you always have access to an expert team who understands your business and answers your questions to help you reach the next level—and the one after that.

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New Data Strategy Accompanies New Stadium for Texas Rangers

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Do these common data challenges sound all too familiar?

We collaborate with clients to solve their toughest problems.

Damage Control

When your IT resources are tied up with damage control, there’s no room for pursuing your larger objectives. Steady support from a team of data experts helps you achieve and maintain data maturity, freeing you up to focus on what matters. Lean on data managed services to establish the data architecture, policies, and procedures that ensure your data delivers reliable insight.

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Data Silos

Disparate data systems don’t have to call for desperate measures. You’re closer than you might think to secure data sharing and easy data access across systems, even if growth or M&A activity has meant data getting lost in the shuffle. Smart data strategy and vigilant oversight ensure customers and teams can access the information they need by overcoming data silos and enabling access.

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BI and Visual Analytics

Accurate BI dashboards give game-changing insights and empower a data-driven culture, illuminating gaps, pitfalls, and better routes along the way. Data visualization gives straightforward direction from where you are to where you want to be. Working with a managed services partner means your dashboards and analytics help you scale effectively and ensure you’re always getting the information you most need.

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Impactful Data Investment

Has a previous IT or data investment left you with new problems? No data or IT solution lasts forever, but when they’re built to be scalable, and you have expert oversight to continually tailor your solution to your strategy and growth, your upgrades will deliver for the long-term. Data and IT solutions that meet end users’ exact needs and are scalable for future unknowns will keep your company thriving. 

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Data-Driven Decisions

Your instincts and intuition may have gotten you here, but they won’t take your organization where it wants to go. Make the move from hunches to informed decisions, no matter where you are now. Reliable data oversight frees up your resources and helps you get more from your data, and the effort pays off: Companies that make data-driven decisions are far more successful than those that don’t.

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Predictive Analytics

Use the power of predictive analytics to cut down the unknowns that affect your business. When you know what’s coming, you can prepare rather than simply reacting to the next storm. Predictive analytics braces you to weather the storms that impact your business. Expert oversight ensures your predictive analytics program consistently bolsters your business through change and growth.

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Data managed services deliver immediate, ongoing results that help our clients grow their data maturity.

  • Data Quality and Usability

    With data architecture that suits your needs and policies and procedures to ensure data quality, you can extract reliable insights at every stage of your growth.

  • Access to Experts

    Our highly skilled data professionals share their industry-specific experience and the next-level knowledge that builds your competitive advantage.

  • Speed to Benefits

    With prioritized goals established, we help you achieve quick wins as we work toward your more complex data challenges so you see immediate benefit.

Based on insights revealed from the data, we are improving operations and impacting policy in the State of Indiana. We’re truly moving the needle with respect to key indicators in Indiana.

David Matusoff

Former Executive Director ,   Management Performance Hub, The State of Indiana


Enlist our team for vigilant oversight, data as a service, benchmarking, and the deep expertise to help bring your data strategy to life.

Through these and other services, our clients get more from their data.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Turn your difficult questions into discovery and go deeper into your data. Our advanced data analytics experts create true, customized solutions to help you sort through the intricacies of your most complex challenges—and the data surrounding them—so you can spot patterns and predict outcomes that serve your mission.

  • Data Governance

    Data holds no value until it’s securely accessible, accurate, and consistent. Data governance enables you to understand, manage, and leverage the power of your data to solve problems. We partner with our clients to design and execute a sustainable data governance strategy to break down data silos and turn data into actionable insights that support your goals.

  • Data Engineering

    Gain a system that utilizes data as your biggest asset. Our data engineers deliver reliable pipelines and infrastructure to prepare your data for analysis so you can make better decisions for your customers, your organization, and your future. 

  • Data Architecture

    Strong data architecture ensures you see all sides of your data and can answer the most complex questions to meet your organization’s challenges. Our data architecture designs align with your needs and goals—solutions that grow along with you.

  • Business Intelligence

    Data gets unruly fast and can make finding the answers that support your business strategy feel overwhelming. We help you achieve the outcomes you want through effective data collection, integration, and analysis tools that access reliable data quickly and present it effectively through an intuitive dashboard.

  • Data Storage and Operations

    Your particular needs determine how your data can most effectively be stored, shared, and kept secure. Smart solutions ensure your data is accessible—and recoverable after a crash. Our team helps tailor the scalable solution that meets your needs cost effectively.

  • Data Infrastructure

    With smart data infrastructure, your organization becomes more efficient, collaboration improves, and productivity booms. Our team works with you to implement data infrastructure that reduces your operational costs and serves as a strong foundation for your data environment.

  • Data Security

    The data that propels your organization can become extraordinarily costly if it hasn’t been secured against unauthorized access and corruption. We help you determine which security solutions ensure your data is protected throughout its lifecycle.

Meet your Data Analytics experts

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Use data to lead with confidence and clarity.

Listen in as data enthusiast and premier question-asker Jess Carter applies the skills that make her a sought-after consultant to getting answers from the biggest thinkers in data. Alongside a range of data specialists, Jess unleashes her curiosity to solve problems in real time, unravel complex topics, and help you become the data-driven leader your organization needs.

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Not sure where to start? We outlined everything you need to consider before you dig into your data strategy.

Data and analytics managed services: constant attention to the solutions that help you thrive.

Data is like the mail: It never stops. Throw in legislative, economic, social and global challenges—in addition to your own complex organizational challenges—and you have more than ample reason to ensure your data is always doing all it can for you. A healthy data program that keeps your organization moving toward your data strategy is your best tool for achieving your goals, and it requires constant vigilance.

With data and analytics managed services, your expert team never stops, either. They work to keep you ahead of the curve, with steady attention to your data governance, data architecture, data engineering, business intelligence, application development, API, data security, and all the other elements you need to achieve insight through information. Our experts are constantly developing business accelerators and DaaS tools that power leaps forward for clients. Where data maturity lags, they provide the steady guidance to fill those gaps and surpass competitors.

Expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure solutions sets our team apart and makes them the only team you need to tailor your data program to your exact needs, ensuring data security and fueling your data-driven culture.


Ensure your data and analytics solutions do everything they can for you—now and as you grow—with vigilant oversight from our experts.

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