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Maximize data value and ensure safekeeping with exceptional data storage and operations solutions.

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Are your current data storage and operations systems keeping your data secure and accessible, or exposing your organization to vulnerability and frustration?

Data access and security aren’t new concerns, but they’ve evolved as our work lives have moved from the office to work-from-wherever. Getting your organization’s data storage and operations right not only optimizes stored data but minimizes security risks. 

 In simplest terms, the right data storage solution is the one that gives every employee easy access to the data they need, where and when they need it, while protecting that data against loss, corruption, and unauthorized use. Data lifecycle management, database support, and technology management are essential elements of your overall storage and operations strategy. On-prem, cloud-based, software-defined, and object-based storage all play a part, facilitating everything from backup solutions to big data projects and machine learning capabilities. 

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The Power of Storage and Data Collection

It’s often under-considered, but the way you store data dictates how accessible and secure it remains. Exceptional data storage facilitates your ability to execute necessary operations.

  • Back up data and stay compliant

    Preventing data from unauthorized access while maintaining recoverability in the event of a disaster isn’t just a good idea; in some cases, it’s the law. Stay compliant and protect your customers, patients, and other stakeholders with proper backup and recovery methods as part of your data storage solutions.

  • Store and access big data

    The right infrastructure is essential for accommodating big data and AI projects. A tailored, scalable foundation grows with your organization and can make even the most unwieldly datasets easy to work with.

  • Manage data to plan for success

    Expert-guided data storage provides efficient access for files, blocks, objects, and other forms of data in a scalable infrastructure that can grow with your organization. You’ll achieve superior outcomes from more efficient analysis of more reliable data.

Related Capabilities

We help clients use data to inform better decision-making and help them solve their most complex challenges so their organizations thrive.

  • Data Security

    The data that propels your organization can become extraordinarily costly if it hasn’t been secured against unauthorized access and corruption. We help you determine which security solutions ensure your data is protected throughout its lifecycle.

  • Data Architecture

    Strong data architecture ensures you see all sides of your data and can answer the most complex questions to meet your organization’s challenges. Our Data Architecture designs align with your needs and goals—solutions which grow along with you.  

  • Data Governance

    Data holds no value until it’s consistent and accurate. Find the strategies that let you safely share and utilize data to support your organization’s goals, break down silos, and solve problems.  

  • Data Movement

    The ability to move data from one place in your organization to another facilitates communication. Data movement software lets you receive the information you need when you want it so you can locate and solve problems almost immediately.

  • Business Intelligence

    Decisions based on stale data are unreliable and require inordinate time and effort. Our team helps put the tools to support your business strategy at your fingertips in clear, intuitive dashboards.

  • Data Infrastructure

    With smart data infrastructure, your organization becomes more efficient, collaboration improves, and productivity booms. Our team works with you to implement data infrastructure that reduces your operational costs and serves as a strong foundation for your data environment.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Harness the power of past performance and historical data to reduce risks and identify opportunities. Predictive analytics provides a competitive edge to grow your business.


Building a Data Warehouse the Agile Way

Late project deliveries, constantly changing requirements, rework and reengineering—these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data warehouse problems. The root lies below the surface in your approach, the people you involve, and the tools you use. Resultant’s VP of Data Services Will Grey and National Sales Director Michael Tantrum join the show to break down the problems that kill data warehouse projects.

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Ensure your data and analytics solutions do everything they can for you—now and as you grow—with vigilant oversight from our experts.

Lay a robust foundation to support powerful growth with expert-guided data storage and operations solutions.

“Begin at the beginning,” is sage advice for so many of life’s undertakings. In fact, one might say all of them. It’s highly relevant to your data practices.

The beginning for data refers to building the right infrastructure for data storage and operations. Infrastructure that’s scalable and can grow along with your organization. Storage solutions that facilitate security, access, and interoperability between disparate systems. Datasets, files, blocks, and objects all in their appropriate homes, protected and accessible only by authorized users.

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s an often overlooked first step and one that critically impacts your organization’s ability to expand and adapt. Without the right data storage solutions, your people can’t access the resources they need when they need them, where they need them; disparate systems remain isolated from each other rather than facilitating additional insights; and your organization will run into roadblocks and bottlenecks when it tries to expand.

With expert-guided data storage and operation solutions, your people have the right access, your systems can communicate, and the sky’s the limit for your growing organization—all while keeping data secure and accurate and maintaining compliance.

Talk to one of our experts today and see how the right data storage and operations solutions can take your business where you want to go

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