Custom Application Development

A true solution serves the organization you run today and adapts to support your growth.

How We Help

Our custom app development is designed to serve your people and drive your progress.

Off-the-shelf products may come close, but the one-size-fits-all approach can’t address your unique operational concerns. We create custom software solutions that increase efficiency, improve automation processes, and enhance security measures. Our development experts have experience creating customized applications with full-stack software development to quickly iterate and create tailored results, bringing more features and functionality to life.

Impact Story

Livestock Shows Expertly Herd Entrants with New Entry System App

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

What We Do

A custom-built application is meaningless if it doesn't serve your business.

Our application development process starts by getting to know your people and your business. We build a full understanding of your current systems and processes, and then we dig into the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design cycle to determine end-user requirements. After scope and design have been approved, we develop your application through iterative sprints to ensure consistent communication and satisfaction. After your app passes our rigorous quality assurance process, it’s ready to launch.

Related Capabilities

Get the most from your custom application development through these and other services.

  • UI/UX

    Our team starts with UI/UX that expertly melds user needs, values, abilities, and limitations with business goals so you can build an application that really works—for your business and the people it connects with.

  • API Development

    A well-designed API heightens security while it ensures ready communication from app to interface, giving your app greater reach, value, and usability. Users experience your app as one seamless service, even through modifications and change.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

    A buggy or inconsistent user experience often gets in the way of application adoption. We address issues proactively and continuously to deliver pristine software functionality.

  • Data Architecture

    Strong data architecture ensures you see all sides of your data and can answer the most complex questions to meet your organization’s challenges. Our Data Architecture designs align with your needs and goals—solutions which grow along with you. 

  • Data Engineering

    Gain a system that utilizes data as your biggest asset. Our data engineers deliver reliable pipelines and infrastructure that prepares your data for analysis to help you make better decisions for your organization, your customers, and your future. 

  • Web Development and Hosting

    Does your website graciously invite in visitors, or does it run them off feeling unwelcome? We partner with you to home in on what will make your organization shine, then meticulously build and maintain the code that will securely nurture your customers.


Find out how our team can help you achieve great outcomes.

Our Custom Application Software Development team Works WIth Your Specific Business Needs.

If an application is really going to address your concerns—and what else is it good for, really, but making your work happen easier, your teams more efficient?—then it has to come from specialists who really understand your business and people. The challenges your organization faces and the way your teams work include way too many points and prospects to be anything but unique to you. And, as a company, we’re committed to building the solution with our clients. The one that’s just right for where they are now and where they plan to grow. It’s different in every case but arises successfully from the same process: careful listening, meticulous planning and communication, and the benefit of a whole lot of experience and expertise.

Resultant exists to help you tackle your industry-specific needs and find the solution to your biggest organizational problems without sacrificing portability and usability. Our team gets invested in your challenges and works closely with you to design, create, and test an app that meets those challenges and makes work better for end-users. Generally, we utilize an Agile methodology to get there, building an app that’s reliable, functional, and user-friendly.

We’re really proud of our team. We’ve been able to build a committed, passionate team of application developers that are great listeners and lifelong learners. They have a breadth of specialties that equips us to solve whatever problem gets thrown our way. Want the specifics? They build custom application software and APIs with top leaders in the industry, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). They also have programming language expertise in Java, JavaScript, Swift, React, ReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, c#, .NET, PHP, objective-c, c, c++, and more. If you’re hip to what all that means, you’re probably impressed. If not, we’d be happy to tell you everything about what it can do for your organization.

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