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Find greater insight and increase capabilities to overcome workforce challenges.

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Make a difference for citizens, employers, and communities with advanced technology and data tools.

Historic unemployment rates mean there are now 1.6 jobs for every unemployed person in the United States. Meeting this unprecedented talent shortage and training workers for the jobs tomorrow will bring demands strategic thinking and innovation—and tools that help connect citizens to training and jobs. Meanwhile, many states struggle to connect data across agencies in support of data-driven decisions, program evaluation, and the reporting that drives economic mobility and economic development.

Data analytics, secure data sharing, and secure collaboration further agencies’ reach and impact, helping build connection among state agencies, economic development agencies, nonprofits, and other critical partners. Our team helps states implement and adopt new technology, achieve large modernization projects with minimal disruption, and operationalize SLDS systems to drive positive outcomes for citizens.

Impact Story

Finding Greater Applications for Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems

Take Workforce Programming Further

Your project team will include experts with backgrounds in technology, data science, and workforce—earnest partners who own your project and work with you to deliver a customized solution designed for your agency and community. We support you through: 

Strategic Alignment and Planning

Understanding is the first step toward meaningful, impactful solutions. Our teams work hand in hand with you to understand the legislative and bureaucratic landscape and to uncover program and policy inefficiencies, overlapping agency responsibilities, and data sourcing problems. Then, we work to build a sustainable plan to systematically address issues in order to better serve your citizens. 

Data Collection and Analysis

At the heart of Resultant’s value is our ability to integrate both proprietary and open-source datasets, leveraging machine learning and advanced algorithms to extract insights from information. We’ll help your teams understand what the data means and how it can be used effectively to target opportunities for workforce education and employment opportunities. 

Reporting and ROI Transparency—Business Intelligence

Beyond simply launching a system, our teams will help you comprehend the data generated. Easy to understand Business Intelligence dashboards and reporting will provide real-time data on program efficiencies and ROI. Using this data, program adjustments and enhancements can further improve system efficiencies over time. 

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.


Learn more about how our team helps support workforce and economic development.

  • Economic Development Agencies

    Develop insight into supply and demand to support economic development efforts and encourage local industries to become actively involved in talent development. We help determine your current state, understand your strategy, and develop the tools for supporting talent and growing communities.

  • Nonprofits and Workforce Boards

    Get the tools you need to tell a data-driven story about your impact and uncover the details about how your workforce programs support residents and employers. You get a stronger foundation from which to connect employers with talent and talent programs to grow your community.

  • State Workforce Agencies

    From IT modernization to advanced analytics, our team builds the foundation you need to leverage longitudinal data to provide residents with improved career pathways. We help you overcome data silos to make fuller use of your data and understand the impact of state-funded workforce programs.

  • Agency and Department Modernization

    Integrate data, technology, people, and process to reach the outcomes your teams and citizens need now as you prepare for tomorrow. Complex modernization projects move swiftly with support of expertise, experience, and meticulous change management.

  • Program and Policy Consulting

    Evaluate how effectively your existing programs impact citizens. An experienced, objective partner can provide the perspective that improves program reach and resource utilization.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Ever completed an upgrade nobody wanted to use? A well-considered plan paired with effective strategies to build trust, create alignment, and address conflicts ensures projects find success and are embraced.

Our people

Meet our workforce team.

Michael Schmierer

Director, Workforce Practice

Chad Timmerman

Sr. Consultant, Workforce and Economic Development

Zak Aker

Sr. Consultant, Workforce and Economic Development


Workforce Recommendation Engine Empowers Indiana Job Seekers

Data-driven decisions are the future of employment.

In this conversation, Indiana Department of Workforce Development Chief of Staff Josh Richardson shares how data can shape employment strategies and personal career paths.

Josh shares his journey of working on the development of Pivot, an innovative tool designed to empower individuals experiencing job loss. He explains the importance of data sharing, collaboration, and feedback in launching the tool.

Listen Here


See how your workforce agency can go further in achieving great outcomes for citizens.


If your state is like most, its workforce programs and systems were entirely overwhelmed in March 2020. States that had been doing their best to work with legacy systems and underfunded programs could no longer ignore the fact that their foundation was crumbling and needed to change—now. Unemployment insurance fraud further complicated agencies’ efforts to reach those in need. And now—years after the crisis—historic unemployment fuels a new set of challenges while so many organizations struggle to address the old ones.

As employment, economic, and funding landscapes shift, matching effective services to citizens and employers can help states thrive. It’s not about putting on band-aids or implementing quick fixes that aren’t sustainable. Leveraging data and technology helps agencies and organizations find new ways to address unmet needs in workforce development and ensures more people get the services they need to excel. It provides tools that meet citizens where they are to help them more easily navigate training and job-seeking endeavors. It generates the reporting that compels economic development and economic mobility. And it overcomes the data silos that have obstructed workforce progress from every angle.

Any project we undertake begins with a detailed discovery phase during which our project team catalogs available datasets, identifies relevant attributes, and develops knowledge of program and policy goals. An intensely collaborative partnership carries this information forward through an Agile, iterative problem-solving and design process. Working with leadership and representative stakeholders, the Resultant team utilizes agency expertise, coordinates with appropriate vendors, and keeps careful project, change, and communication management practices in place to move projects forward to successful completion.

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