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Find out what technology is working in your organization, what isn’t, and what to do about it with a targeted IT assessment.

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Maximize technology potential with a strategic IT assessment

Organizations often struggle with the limitations of their current technology but steer clear of IT assessments because they don’t want more ill-fitting pieces in the technology puzzle—after all, if there’s a workaround, is it really broken? Other times, users underutilize the technology on hand and don’t know they have the power to make it really work for them.

No matter where your technology ecosystem stands, having a clear-eyed view of it assures that you not only maximize what’s there but head off issues before they derail your progress. Our team views your IT ecosystem holistically, considering everything from infrastructure to risk management, and operations to business continuity. Your IT assessment provides risk identification, highlights gaps, and suggests ways to optimize what you already have to move you closer to your business goals and prepare for whatever’s coming next.

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How does an MSP build an IT roadmap for a client?

One of the critical roles a managed service provider (MSP) can play is developing a big-picture IT roadmap for clients. At Resultant, we start with an infrastructure assessment to understand what IT basics are in place and how they’re performing. We focus on security because it needs to be applied to every single aspect of IT. We also focus on the application stack and deciphering what the business thinks they’re using versus what they’re actually using. Sometimes they’re not the same, resulting in “shadow IT,” which puts sensitive company data at risk. Listening to end users and performing IT assessment at the workstation level helps evaluate how IT serves employees and whether they have the support needed to use it effectively. Understanding the client’s business goals enables aligning IT to support those desired outcomes. An IT roadmap is unique and customized to each client through a collaborative approach, which also includes the all-important discussions around resources and budgets.

AJ Watson

VP, Technology and MSP Solutions

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What We Do

A Resultant IT assessment evaluates your entire IT ecosystem.

Technology doesn’t matter out of context; evaluating your current technology ecosystem means looking closely at your people, processes, and business strategy. We consider every area of your organization—from disaster recovery to business strategy—to see how your technology supports your organization and where it falls short. Our three-stage approach starts with a current state discovery process, moves through maturity and impact rating, and finishes with a future state report and roadmap.

With a Resultant IT assessment, you get:

Technology Assessment Presentation

A Technology Assessment Presentation detailing the current state, maturity and impact rating analysis, positive practices, key recommendations, and recommended action plans.

Prioritized Master Findings List

A Prioritized Master Findings List with every finding sorted by category, maturity, and business impact.

Detailed Network Documentation

Detailed network documentation including network diagrams, asset diagrams, and hardware and application mapping.

Customized Deliverables

Other relevant deliverables such as vulnerability scans, tech budget analysis, data availability assessment, staffing review and training, or security frameworks.

Related Capabilities

Enhance protection with IT assessment and related services

  • IT Managed Services  

    Avoid expensive shutdowns, maintenance problems, security breaches, and daily headaches with proactive attention and monitoring from a team devoted to big-picture thinking. It’s more than just answers to day-to-day technology concerns. It’s a proactive management strategy from experts who’ve been there. 

  • Cloud Solutions 

    When your impact is throttled by legacy systems and outmoded processes, our technical experts can help you leverage the cloud with creative solutions that empower your people. 

  • Cloud Managed Services 

    Is your organization keeping up with shifts in technology and security? Working with a team who proactively monitors your cloud technologies—whatever your preferred platform—maintains your security and functionality to best serve your business strategy. 

  • Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

    Security threats constantly grow and evolve—and cost organizations dearly in financial and reputational damage. Comprehensive cyberthreat mitigation strategies keep breaches from derailing your progress and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Network and Infrastructure Modernization

    If your foundation isn’t rock-solid, you can’t set yourself up for success. Optimize what you already have and make it scalable to meet your future needs.

Resultant helped us to create an IT plan that integrated with our business and would allow us to operate better, make us more profitable, deliver more services, and better deliver services to our clients.

Jeremiah Pastrick

Former VP and Corporate Counsel,   Healthcare Claims Management


How an IT assessment can level up your cybersecurity defenses

Without an accurate view of your entire IT ecosystem, your organization’s vulnerabilities remain unaddressed. Because cyber risks and security threats constantly evolve, you can’t simply evaluate your systems once and expect full control and protection against things like unauthorized access, ransomware, malware, and other malicious attacks. Sensitive information about payments, patient data, and even employees can all be the subject of cybercriminal theft, and passwords, files, servers, documents, and assets can all be breached if not properly protected.

The reputational damage from these attacks is staggering, to say nothing of the costs associated with downtime and even legal fees if you’re found to be out of compliance.

Be proactive and ask an expert for a thorough IT assessment. Protecting yourself from cyber-attack doesn’t just pay off in the long run; it's priceless.

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Does your IT highlight your flaws instead of your assets? Get answers in an it assessment.

Just because you spent good money on something ten years ago doesn’t mean it still fits. Technology solutions that have been patchworked together over the years without ever having an IT assessment can become frustrating and uncomfortable, leaving you open to risk—not unlike a pair of jeans fifteen pounds past its heyday.

Often, users underutilize the technology on hand and are unaware that they have the power to make it do what they want to give them a competitive edge. Others are thwarted by ill-suited applications or clunky software that no longer helps solve problems—not to mention isn't up to standards or compliant with new confidentiality regulations. And if leadership hasn't made data governance policies clear, data gained through acquisitions can upset your entire system.

An IT assessment maximizes technology, providing business continuity and making everything else you do easier. You lose obstacles like system crashes, data breaches, and ineffective processes and gain efficiencies to business processes that help achieve your mission.

Finding technology answers that help your organization thrive depends on partnership. When we perform an IT assessment, we bring the expertise, responsiveness, and ceaseless curiosity that drives us to discover all we can about what’s really going on in your business and the technology that could better support it.

Every IT assessment begins with an extensive discovery process. Our engineers, architects, admins, and business consultants investigate your technology and your business from every angle. This phase requires a lot of incisive, educated questioning based on ample experience. And a lot of listening.

We’re not interested in prepackaged answers but in working alongside you to discover your unique, tailored solution.


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