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When your business strategy meets our development expertise, the result is customized applications that give teams what they need to thrive.

How We Help

People-first application development for customized, secure solutions

When access and collaboration fall short or processes and visualizations aren’t effective, our Application Development team engineers the solution. Resultant delivers tailored, innovative software that reduces costs, increases efficiency, and ensures security.

Utilizing a tech-agnostic approach, we start by working to understand exactly where your technology stands, how it’s being used, and how it can be transformed to solve your organization’s biggest problems.

Impact Story

Livestock Shows Expertly Herd Entrants with New Entry System App

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.


Our team of developers, engineers, architects, and consultants have helped clients build innovative solutions through these and other services.

  • System Integration

    Our team connects your applications, services, systems, and databases to create a seamless, reliable IT ecosystem—one that’s scalable and adaptable, meeting your ever-changing business needs without headaches.

  • API Development

    A well-designed API heightens security while ensuring ready-to-use software communication from app to interface, giving your app greater reach, value, and usability. We customize API architecture that so that users experience your app as one seamless service.

  • Custom Application Development

    The best development solutions serve the business you run today and adapt for future growth. Our development experts solve your web, mobile, enterprise, and API challenges by fully immersing into how your business operates to find answers that optimize your applications.

  • Web Development and Hosting

    Does your website graciously invite in visitors, or does it run them off feeling unwelcome? We partner with you to home in on what will make your organization shine, then meticulously build and maintain the code that will securely nurture your customers.

  • Quality Assurance Testing and Automation

    In a competitive marketplace, having a flawless application is imperative. Automated testing throughout every step of the application development process delivers an app that works seamlessly.

  • Mobile App Development

    A mobile app can boost productivity within your operation, increase visibility among would-be customers, and provide insights into how your service is used.

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Meet your application development team.

justin headshot

Justin Bolles

Principal Architect

Caleb Bush

Senior Manager, Engineering

Sandy Ginter

Team Lead, Quality Assurance

Brian Conradt

Team Lead, Engineering

Broader possibilities through app dev

What’s really possible for your website, custom application, API, or mobile application? Well, a whole lot, especially when you work with a technology agnostic team passionately devoted to problem solving. We have a range of experts adept at working with all the major players. Azure? Check. Google Cloud? You bet. And the list goes on.

Even better, they’re problem solvers by nature—that’s our thing at Resultant—which means they listen closely to all stakeholders and think deeply about your organization’s strategy before they dive in to build a solution. You know one-size-fits-all? This is essentially its opposite. It’s one-true-fit-that-makes-life-and-work-better-for-you-and-only-you.

Most often, we accomplish great things with our clients by using an Agile methodology, but we’re adaptable in that way, too. We’ve learned that success becomes the most likely result only when not just the end result but the method for reaching it closely aligns with how our clients work. What doesn’t change from project to project is this: Our team collaborates with you to design, create, and test an app that’s reliable, functional, and user-friendly.

Here’s the part where we get very technical about a process that we primarily view as human—because what is all this for, anyway, if not helping people work happily? Ready? Here goes: Our application programmers build custom application software and APIs with top leaders in the industry, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. We have programming language expertise in Java, JavaScript, Swift, React, ReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, c#, .NET, PHP, objective-c, c, c++, and more. If you’d like to talk with a human about all this, we’d be glad to hear from you.

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