Our story began in 2008 when a passionate group of problem solvers came together to form KSM Consulting––an IT advisory group on a mission to help our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive. Though we shared the KSM name from a former partnership, our team quickly forged an identity of our own, developing a groundbreaking approach to empathy-based problem solving that differentiated us in our industry.

For over a decade, our team has successfully partnered with clients in the public and private sectors to help them overcome their most complex challenges, creating better outcomes for people and organizations. Through growth and success, we’ve been writing our own story, all while staying true to our values.

But it was clear this story needed a title—one that embodied our team’s unique approach to problem-solving and authentically represented our people. So, in 2021, after a collaborative and thorough process, we finally arrived at our new name: Resultant.

Resultants are those who purposefully come together to produce a positive outcome. This new name embodies our team’s approach of deep expertise with a human focus while symbolizing our commitment to empathy and collaboration.

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