There’s no such thing as business as usual when hackers strike. Cybersecurity must be proactive for your organization to thrive.

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Data and system security threats constantly grow and evolve. Secure your progress with proactive cybersecurity services.

Organizations can’t live up to their full potential without powerful security infrastructure and management practices. A trusted partner who not only lays the groundwork for solid security but understands your business, has intimate knowledge of the way your teams work, and proactively seeks out potential vulnerabilities relieves your cybersecurity burden so you can focus fully on your goals.

Because threats continually evolve, true cybersecurity doesn’t mean implementing protocols and then forgetting about them, nor protecting against only last year’s menaces. When you partner with Resultant you get advanced, proactive, best-in-class cybersecurity so you can stop worrying and start thriving.

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Understanding Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

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We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

What We Do

Ensuring a secure environment means protecting your data, arming your team with appropriate tools, and staying ahead of ever-evolving threats.

We start by evaluating your current vulnerabilities. We collaborate closely with you to integrate your business strategy into your cybersecurity solutions for protection that aligns with how you work and where you’re going.

We build systems that reduce risk, find structural vulnerabilities that could derail your progress, support compliance efforts, and train your people to recognize threats. Our team continually evaluates the landscape to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t developing as the landscape changes.

We help you focus on your goals by providing comprehensive cyberthreat mitigation strategies and solutions for your IT environment and organization. Your systems and data become safer—and you become freer to focus on growing your business.

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Our forward-thinking, thorough approach to cybersecurity protects against and remediates data and system breaches with these and other services.

Disaster Recovery

When a data breach happens, our team jumps in to recover and secure data and systems to get you back to normal operations quickly—and more securely, with a plan to eliminate system vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Architecture and Strategy

Your security starts with strategy and depends on infrastructure. Our experts design formidable network and architecture security solutions that thwart cyberattacks to keep your business on track.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Maintaining compliance demands a multifaceted approach that addresses enterprise and vendor risk management, issue identification, and remediation from all relevant angles. We work with you to protect your systems by developing use policies and an incident response plan.

Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management

Find out whether your organization is equipped to detect and deflect an attack. A threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment will identify the points of concern in your systems; remediation manages those vulnerabilities.

Information Protection and Privacy

Throughout its lifecycle, data can be corrupted or accessed at myriad points. Managing and governing data from creation to destruction requires a targeted approach that secures your critical infrastructure and network.

Cybersecurity Testing and End-User Training

Your employees are your final line of defense against cyberattacks, which makes training them essential. Our training program equips end users to identify and avert the latest threats within your industry.

Meet your cybersecurity solutions team.

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Protect all you’ve worked for. Contact us today for a cybersecurity assessment.

Cyberthreats to your systems and data continually grow and evolve. Arm your organization with proactive cybersecurity.

The world at large has been well aware of the potential for information theft and compromise for years. These threats continue to evolve, taking new forms and finding back doors to each new process and system. Organizations that don’t make cybersecurity a top priority with vigilant, constant monitoring have paid the price (over $1.7 million a minute according to RiskIQ). But while we’ve known we need to protect against data breaches, interference with operational technology on a grand scale is a newer concern.

Gartner’s prediction that by 2025 cybercriminals will have weaponized operational technology to successfully harm or kill humans isn’t science fiction. Operational technology includes the hardware and software that controls and monitors assets, processes, and equipment for everything from automobile manufacturing to drinking water distribution. The attack on the Oldsmar, Florida, water treatment plant in February 2021 was not an isolated incident.

Whether your organization’s assets are data-based or reside in the physical world, the only way to protect them is with top-notch, proactive cybersecurity protocols—cybersecurity that evolves ahead of the threats rather than just reacting to what happened last year. With a cybersecurity assessment, the Resultant team can discover your system’s weakest links and greatest vulnerabilities. We then recommend remediation action steps to address each potential issue.

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers; proactive solutions are kind of our thing. Unless your organization is already a cybersecurity specialist, this isn’t your forte. We suspect you wouldn’t be reading this far down if you were, in fact, a cybersecurity specialist. When the burden of cybersecurity is lifted from your team, you’re free to grow your organization and doggedly pursue your mission and goals. We’ll stand watch while you make things happen.

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