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Irving Managed IT Services

Maximize cost savings through our expert-managed IT services and unparalleled technical support.


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Rise Above IT Difficulties With Over 15 Years of Proven Experience

Eliminate recurring IT issues and everyday tech headaches with trusted IT services chosen by over 200 businesses.

Why choose Resultant for managed IT services?

  • Minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency with rapid resolution of critical issues in under 20 minutes.
  • Access comprehensive IT support services through 150 tech experts, enhancing your team’s capabilities.
  • Resolve IT challenges promptly with our 24/7 support, providing fast responses and expert assistance.
  • Get strategic insights through our vCIO services, aligning IT with your business goals for maximum impact.
  • Prevent unforeseen IT failures with our proactive monitoring, data backup and disaster recovery services.

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Managed IT Services in Irving, TX

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Realize IT Excellence with Our Managed IT Services in Irving

Managed IT Services

Free yourself from daily IT burdens. Our comprehensive, cost-effective managed services provide lasting solutions for your business’s sustained growth.

Cloud Services

Trust our expert guidance for a secure transition to the cloud. Embracing cloud computing ensures efficient data management for peak business performance.

Network Monitoring

Ensure a secure, uninterrupted IT environment with our 24/7 network monitoring, staying one step ahead of potential issues to continuously support your business.


Secure your operations from dangerous cyber risks. Our cyber experts defend your business from malware, ransomware, and phishing, ensuring your security.

IT Consulting

Leverage our seasoned vCIOs for valuable IT consulting. They build personalized strategies and financial plans in sync with your business objectives.

IT Support

Resolve IT interruptions promptly with our top-notch IT support. We deliver swift, efficient solutions that surpass conventional repair services, ensuring seamless workflow.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Swiftly bounce back from disruptions using our robust backup and disaster recovery services, providing peace of mind with dependable, efficient data restoration.

Data Services

Transform your data into actionable insights using our strategic data services. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet your unique data needs.

Compliance Management

Maintain industry compliance with the guidance of our expert compliance management team, ensuring your business stays in sync with crucial protocols.

Benefits of Partnering with Our Managed Services Company

Irving Managed IT Services

Simplify IT Complexity with a One-Vendor Solution

Choosing Resultant means embracing simplicity in IT management. With 15 years of expertise and a comprehensive suite of services, you gain a one-stop shop for all your IT needs.

This approach eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple vendors; streamlines processes; and ensures seamless integration across hardware, software, and strategic planning.

You don’t just gain efficiency; your business gains peace of mind and is freed up to focus on what it does best.

Transitioning to our services is seamless, with a guaranteed two-to-four week onboarding process that reflects our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Irving Managed IT Services

Tailored IT Services for Every Business Size

Experience the difference with Resultant’s customized IT solutions, designed to fit the unique needs of SMBs to mid-market companies.

Our dedicated teams provide personalized service, ensuring lower overall costs without compromising on expertise or security.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We understand your business in depth to build solutions that enhance productivity and growth.

With personalized service at the core, our clients enjoy improved security, scalability, and faster technology adoption, all backed by solid SLAs and OLAs for guaranteed satisfaction.

Simplify Your IT, Amplify Your Success

See why 200 businesses across the U.S. trust Resultant with all their IT needs

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Proactive Cybersecurity Keeping You Ahead of Threats

Resultant prioritizes your security with a proactive cybersecurity approach. With our comprehensive security infrastructure, we not only protect against current threats but also anticipate and neutralize emerging ones.

Our MDR services, supported by a 24/7 SOC, ensure vigilant monitoring and swift response, minimizing risk and safeguarding your assets.

Our cybersecurity assessments tailor solutions to your specific needs, ensuring alignment with your organization’s goals.

Trust us to guard your digital frontiers, offering peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Managed IT Services in Irving TX

Data Mastery for Strategic Decisions

Leverage Resultant’s expertise in data strategy and integration to transform your data into a powerful decision-making tool.

Our services address common challenges, from siloed data to the need for actionable business intelligence. We optimize your data systems for seamless interoperability and insightful analytics.

With tailored solutions and expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, we enable quick, consistent value addition and prepare your business for future challenges.

Embrace a data-driven future with Resultant, where every decision is informed, strategic, and aligned with your business goals.

Our Other IT Services in Irving

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services include a full spectrum of solutions designed to address every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

This includes end-to-end support for hardware, software, data management, cybersecurity, cloud services, and strategic IT planning.

By consolidating your IT needs with us, you benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and the convenience of a single-vendor solution.

Our service desk operates with clear and transparent service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring rapid response and resolution times for IT issues.

Tickets are answered in under 60 seconds 90% of the time, with a median resolution time for critical issues averaging 20 minutes.

This efficiency is achieved through continuous training, rigorous knowledge management, and a multi-channel engagement approach, ensuring our clients receive industry-leading support whenever they need it.

Our managed IT services stand out because of our holistic approach to IT support. We cover all layers of IT infrastructure so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors.

With 15 years of experience and a team averaging ten years of expertise each, we bring deep knowledge and personalized service to every client engagement.

Our unique multi-source service integration (MSI) delivery model, specialized focus for both horizontal and vertical markets, and comprehensive data services underscore our commitment to not just meet but exceed client expectations, ensuring they have strategic IT support.

We lead with a strategic approach to IT, ensuring that our managed IT services align perfectly with your business objectives.

Our vCIO services stand at the forefront of this strategy, offering unmatched planning and advisory capabilities in the MSP market.

By developing a detailed IT roadmap, we guide your technology decisions, ensuring they support your business goals while optimizing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Our approach to data management and analytics is centered around transforming data into actionable insights that drive decision-making and strategic growth.

We assist organizations in developing a comprehensive data strategy, integrating datasets, and optimizing data systems for quick and consistent value addition.

Our expertise in advanced analytics and industry-specific solutions enables us to address your unique challenges, ensuring data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.