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Support for the schools, educators, and administrators who help students thrive.

Education holds tremendous influence and touches nearly every life, throughout childhood and well into adulthood. The dizzying complexity that challenges schools, teachers, and systems deserves a partner that has not just data and technology expertise but experience within schools—the former teachers, researchers, and administrators who’ve always had a passion for education.  

In collaboration with our team, clients have found more effective ways to structure career and technical education, collect and utilize data from across a state, leverage the Ed-Fi data standard, draw more functionality from an existing early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS), and more. 

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Indiana Builds a Public Spending Dashboard to Continue Conversations about COVID-19 Federal Aid

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Ensuring your technology functions well and your data provides the insights you need opens up entire worlds of possibility. We help students, teachers, and their school and district leaders achieve more through technical innovation.

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Higher Education

The technology and data solutions that enable insight, backed by a team of specialists and meticulous organizational change management, help institutions recruit, support, and retain students.

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State Departments of Education

We help states prepare for and implement the Ed-Fi data standard, visualize critical data, or simply maximize their cloud services—all with diligent organizational change management and vendor oversight.

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Early Childhood Education

Finding insight across the universe of federal, state, local, and private entities that provide early childhood education becomes simpler with seamless data sharing and advanced analytics.

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Education Solutions Powered by Google and Resultant

One of the biggest challenges for schools is how to engage students and maximize their limited time. Tools that provide collaboration and connection, boost productivity, and support student learning make meeting the challenge more manageable.

Resultant is an authorized Google Workspace for Education Partner, enabling institutions across the country transition to the platform that helps make their school community’s desired outcomes a reality.

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Impact Stories

We collaborate with our clients to help them find solutions to their toughest challenges.

Career and Technical Education

Indiana’s CTE system plays a vital role for schools, students, and employers. Our work with the State of Indiana has helped bring clarity to decisions about program structure and course incentives to facilitate greater effectiveness for CTE and better outcomes for citizens.

Early Childhood Integrated Data System

When an ECIDS wasn’t performing as expected, state leaders were eager to pinpoint why good intentions and a major investment hadn’t yielded the insight that would improve programs for children and families.

Education Workforce Database

The State of Indiana needed to better utilize education, workforce, and services data to inform decision-making and transparency and to improve Indiana’s workforce. Our team worked collaboratively across various agencies to develop a statewide longitudinal data system.

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

As CCSSO takes the lead in defining the optimal digital learning ecosystem, Resultant is serving as trusted advisor and critical support resource to the organization’s Education Data and Information Systems (EDIS) leadership, actively engaging state education CIOs, coordinating with SIS Vendors and data standards bodies, and collaborating with strategic partners to help close the digital divide.

Indiana Ed-Fi Data Exchange

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) invited Resultant to support the implementation of its modernization initiative, Data Exchange, which will improve the way schools transfer and certify data to the state.

Regional Apprenticeship Model Design

The Resultant team collaborated with a regional workforce development intermediary to help develop a strategic plan, financial sustainability model, and turn-key toolkit to support implementation of an apprenticeship approach in conjunction with regional K-12, post-secondary, and industry partners.

The educator pipeline is ready for a radical rethinking. Discover the route to a modern data system—and how it can drastically improve the way data supports educator development.

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Data Driven Leadership

Getting the Power of Educational Data Directly to Parents and Students with Data Quality Campaign’s Paige Kowalski

Data Quality Campaign (DQC) Executive Vice President Paige Kowalski is on a mission to do just that: Get education data to students, families, and educators. As a first-generation college student herself, Paige understands the high stakes of making informed decisions about post-secondary education. She joins us to share her insights on the need for accessible and reliable data to guide students and parents through the complex journey from high school to college and beyond.

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Supporting education at all stages, for all students.

From early childhood through high school and on into higher learning, the importance of education is emphasized by families, politicians, legislators, and educators and administrators themselves. And what does all that rhetoric come to? School systems make do with outmoded tools, less than adequate funding, and technology that isn’t up to the task. But are held up to high standards all the same—leading to a lot of “helpful advice” about how teachers can better prepare students for a challenging world. Challenging, indeed.  

Imagine a world where schools have the support they need to undertake improvements that help teachers do what they chose this career to do: To feed their passion for educating students. And to make that work less time-consuming while better enabling them to engage and collaborate with students. Imagine school systems able to collect and compile data to help match up students with services, potential careers, or programs that support them exactly where they are—and help them get back on track when they’ve shown the first signs of struggle. Imagine schools better able to design and utilize programs to make the most of resources while best serving students—and the employers who await them.  

We can see it. Not always right in front of our eyes, true enough, but in the potential we know exists right now in technology and data solutions. In the passion we see every day in the clients we work with. And we really can’t think of anything more critical than education.  

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