Process Mapping

Your most efficient future starts with understanding how your teams work.

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As growth and change occur, processes that once made perfect sense become unwieldy or even counterproductive.

Process mapping provides a clear tool that helps you and your teams evaluate the processes in place so you can find a way forward that addresses your current needs and prepares you for what’s next. Our team collaborates with you to grasp the needs and wants of your teams, provide a visual tool outlining the current flow of work, and develop a roadmap for successfully integrating the processes that align with your organization now.  

Process mapping doesn’t just make your organization more efficient; it’s a great starting point for developing your technology strategy and laying the foundation for digital transformation. 

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Successful Digital Transformation Isn’t All or Nothing

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Has your organization outgrown old processes? You might not even realize some of the ways you’re losing time and money.


Tasks are slowed by the need to unearth resources, find information, or acquire approvals that aren’t essential.

Inefficient sequences

Your process requires duplicative steps, data re-entry at various stages, or sequential treatment of items that could happen in parallel.

Misaligned technology

Your teams may have developed time-consuming workarounds to achieve results through processes that no longer serve your strategy.


We help organizations become more efficient so they can thrive.

Could your organization be more efficient? Almost certainly, and process mapping shows you how. 

Unless you’ve been frozen in time, your organization has changed. Certainly the world around it has. So have your people. Even without turnover, they’re changing constantly. Your processes might not have kept up with everything happening around them. Your teams may have developed workarounds for inadequate technology or clunky steps. They may have made their own process adjustments for the sake of effectiveness. They very likely have wondered why things were done the way they were.  

That’s our process-mapping starting point: Determining what your teams need to work better and be happier at work. Processes that seem nonsensical, don’t align with current technology, or fall short of current needs can cause a raft of frustration. We give your people a chance to describe what they’re doing and how it’s holding them up. We give them the opportunity to share their wish lists and provide insights into how their work could happen more efficiently.  

All of that adds up to a clear map of each process. You can literally see the bottlenecks, the duplicative steps, and everything else that mucks up progress. For most organizations, that visualization is surprising and enlightening. For every one, it shines a light on the path forward. We work with our clients to figure out how each process can truly serve its purpose. We help them better utilize the technology they have in place and build a timeline for implementing what they need.  

It’s a huge step forward toward the efficiency and effectiveness that propels organizations toward their goals. It also lays a strong foundation for digital transformation. All as you show your teams that you are listening, and that you value their efforts.  

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