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Our technical expertise is unrivaled. Our passion for helping people makes us different. Our commitment to clients makes us preferred partners.

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Our Approach

Expertise matters most when it helps people and organizations thrive.

Extraordinary outcomes depend on passion, humility, and curiosity. Technical craftsmanship. Dedication to strategic and organizational transformations that improve lives and work. Earnest, collaborative relationships that value trust, humility, and respect.

We tenaciously pursue meaningful solutions and immerse ourselves in the complexity of every challenge. We’re devoted to learning, always—from our clients and each other. We ask questions until we don’t just understand but feel the problem as our own. And then we work with you to solve it.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

What We Do

Passionate Problem Solving

Your organizational challenges aren’t one-dimensional, and your solution shouldn’t be, either. When your people, processes, and technology align, desired outcomes are within reach. Which is why we approach a project from every angle, with collaborative teams that incorporate technical, business, and delivery experts, giving our clients the greatest possible value from their investment and creating long-lasting change that helps organizations thrive.

Big-picture thinking and an obsession with positive outcomes means we start with strategy, provide creative solutions based on technical expertise, and implement your solution smoothly so that your teams embrace it. Our clients are partners in an open, diligent pursuit of transformation, and we give them the most value from their projects by providing meticulous project delivery and change management.

To truly thrive requires vigilance. Our ongoing support for strategy, data, technology, organizational health, and growth accelerates your progress.



Design Thinking

Real problem solving for people means putting human needs first, and it means breaking through patterns to the creativity that inspires bold solutions. It gets messy before it finds its exhilarating resolution.

We incorporated Design Thinking into our approach because it supports our values. Its methodologies are an important facet of how we move every project from stated problem to inspiration. Design Thinking is about empathy, trust, and vulnerability. It’s also about radically different thinking—pleasant surprises, uncomfortable moments, and shifts in perspective that can feel like falling off a cliff until you realize you’re soaring.

The same passion that drove us to become unparalleled experts in our specialties drives us to find answers that transform organizations, and Design Thinking has been an important element of how we combine skill and empathy into phenomenal outcomes for our clients.

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Core Values

We’re devoted to doing work that matters and solving problems for people.

We accomplish these goals together because of the values that connect us.

Purposeful Empathy

We solve problems for people. Real people, with names. We don’t solve problems for people the way we assume them to be or the way we wish them to be, but for the way they really are, with all of the hopes, dreams, good, bad, and messiness that make us all human. Every solution must therefore start and end with people, and so we seek deeply understand the people whom we serve.

Fearless Problem Solving

Our clients bring us their hardest problems, not the easy ones. And the hardest problems hardly ever have a clear solution. At the same time, our clients trust us to get them to a better place. So we are fearless in our desire to wade into the unknown, to innovate and create, and to persevere toward a transformative outcome for our clients.

Passionate Expertise

We don’t just have skills, we have crafts. We are passionate about the things we do. Our expertise drives a deep curiosity, constant learning, and improving not because we have to but because we want to. It's a part of who we are and what allows us to make a bigger, more meaningful impact on the world.

Outcomes Focus

We are relentlessly driven to help our clients thrive. We don’t just point at problems, we solve them. We seek to deliver not just the activities clients desire but the outcomes they need. We own their challenges and opportunities as our own, becoming part of their team and delivering transformative change. We say the kind truth, identify the right path, and drive toward lasting outcomes.

Thoughtful Collaboration

We fundamentally believe that better ideas, better solutions, and better outcomes arise from collaboration. With each other and with our clients. Diversity of thought, background, and expertise, brought together with common cause, will always drive better results. And we also know that to do this, we must operate with high trust and humility, a characteristic essential to Rezzers.

Resultant took the time to understand our culture and understand who the City of Fishers was—what we were trying to do and accomplish—and then came right along with us, which is what allowed us to be successful.

Mayor Scott Fadness

City of Fishers


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