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Increase your team's visual analytics skills with the help of experts—through packaged Tableau courses or a customized curriculum.

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Learn Tableau fast with insight and experience from experts.

Resultant is a Tableau Partner, and our team of experts conducts Tableau training all over the world. We offer packaged and customized Tableau training courses to meet your organization's specific needs.

Our unique Tableau essentials training curriculum combines the fundamentals users need with the specialized knowledge and experience of our team's years of dedicated Tableau practice. Because our training sessions are instructor-led, students have the chance to ask questions and get in-depth explanations where they need them. If one of our essentials classes doesn't meet your needs, talk to us about a tailored curriculum that addresses the struggles and objectives your team needs to tackle.

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Speed Up Your Insight with Alteryx and Tableau for the Public Sector

I enjoyed and benefitted from Resultant's Essentials 1 and 2 for Tableau course. I particularly appreciate the instructor's willingness to spend time outside of class to help shape my thinking about Tableau and a dashboard for our board.

Harold W. Stanley

Vice President for Executive Affairs,   SMU

Tableau Essentials 1 and 2

Giving teams the fundamentals they need in just a few days, this comprehensive training course ensures users gain competency in key Tableau concepts and functionality.

Designed specifically for the virtual learning environment, this course is for the beginning Tableau user eager to understand Tableau, learn techniques for simple and complex visualizations, and build interactive business dashboards.

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Tableau Virtual Boot Camp

Virtual Boot Camps are fast-paced sessions that cover expanded subject matter in a condensed time frame. Virtual Boot Camps don't spend as much time on each of the fundamentals during the session, but students will have documentation and exercises that they can refer to as they review what they've have learned.

We offer four- and eight-hour options, each with a fully customizable curriculum so you can select the topics and Tableau skills your teams most need.

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Tableau Doctor Sessions

It's not always easy to hire out every time you need assistance with Tableau. We make it easy for you to get the quick Tableau expert help you need, when you need it. Doctor Sessions are designed for you to get access to our Certified Tableau Experts by simply paying for as many one-hour sessions as you might need.

Use Tableau Doctor Sessions to:

  • Learn how to solve for complicated calculations using LODs, table calculations, and more.
  • Create scaffolding to structure your data to solve for challenging report issues.
  • Learn how to implement data visualization best practices to ensure your Tableau workbooks are adopted by viewers.
  • Grasp advanced concepts with personalized instruction.
  • Reduce time spent on repeat reports by automating workflows.

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Advanced Tableau Trainings

Tableau Desktop III — Advanced

2-Day Course

In this two-day course you will explore concepts that will give you a true mastery of Tableau through scenario-based data visualization challenges. These concepts include advanced chart types and calculations, as well as a deep dive into table calculations and LOD calculations.

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Visual Analytics

2-Day Course

This course is best-practice oriented. The first day covers the theory of visual analytics and the second day focuses on practical application. Although targeted for experienced Tableau users, this course can be very effective for teaching non-Tableau users visual analytics principles.

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Tableau Prep

2-Day Course

This course will teach you how to prepare your data with Tableau Prep for Tableau Desktop. It's designed for students with at least three months' experience in Tableau Desktop. It teaches data concepts and how to create Tableau Prep flows for output to Tableau Desktop for analysis purposes.

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Meet Your Instructor

David Baldwin

Senior Consultant

David Baldwin has worked in business intelligence and data warehousing for 21 years. For the past six years, his primary responsibility has been teaching Tableau classes. As a trainer, he has traveled throughout the United States and beyond, teaching Tableau classes at over 200 organizations. Find David’s books on Tableau on Amazon.

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