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Tableau will change the way you think about data.

Tableau helps organizations answer big questions through data. Offering a market-leading platform for fast, easy business intelligence, Tableau is committed to helping users build a data-driven culture no matter where they are in their analytics journey.

Find new opportunities to innovate by putting data at the center of conversations, collaboration, and decision-making. We have a team full of Tableau Visionaries, and we're a Tableau Partner who can help you start strong, find quick wins, and get the most from Tableau as you grow.

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Tableau Server Rapid Start and Optimization

The Platform

Get to know the four key elements of Tableau.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server extends the value of data across your entire organization.

  • Bring data to people—responsibly.
  • Ask questions with natural language processing (NLP).
  • Get all of your data in one place.
  • Empower your business through strong data governance.
  • Ensure security that protects your most valuable asset.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop fuels live visual analytics to enable unlimited data exploration.

  • Find actionable insights fast.
  • Connect to more data, easily and securely.
  • Answer deeper questions to support your strategy.
  • Drive smarter decisions with AI-powered predictions.
  • Give teams the power to collaborate.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep empowers your entire organization to prepare data faster and more intuitively than ever. It gives your team the tools they need to confidently combine, shape, and clean their data for faster time to insight and better business decisions.

  • Find a deeper understanding of your data.
  • Save time and overcome data-prep challenges.
  • Get to analysis faster with smart algorithms.
  • Instantly see the results of every edit.
  • Connect to more data.

Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is your self-service analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud.

  • Share and collaborate in the cloud.
  • Skip set-up time and hardware costs.
  • Ask questions with natural language processing (NLP).
  • Scale fast with easy, secure analytics.
  • Integrate data insights to workflows.

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Building People-Centric Data Visualizations with Tableau Visionaries

Companies whose executives champion analytics are 77% more likely to exceed their business goals, according to a recent survey. Executive sponsorship is vital to organizational change. So how do you get C-Suite buy-in for your data initiatives?

Whether you’re struggling to collaborate with your C-Suite or you’re an executive yourself, this episode will equip you with the best practices you need to take full advantage of your data.

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