Business Intelligence

Data gets unruly fast and can make finding the answers that support your business strategy feel overwhelming.

How We Help

With better data access and visualization tools, you get the insights you need to scale and thrive.

How could your business grow if you had the data you need at your fingertips—in real time? Stale data leads to unreliable decisions. Without data integration and efficient business intelligence (BI), processes crawl. We help you achieve your business goals by delivering quick, easy-to-understand access to critical information.

Our BI team has deep expertise in a variety of tools including Tableau, PowerBI, IBM Cognos, Qlik, SAP, SQL, and much more. However, we maintain a tool agnostic approach to business intelligence and all of our data work. We consider your current processes and unique long-term goals to determine the tool that will best fit your organization and your existing technology.

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Dermira Leverages Business Intelligence to Gain Competitive Edge

Key Partnerships

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Business Intelligence Expertise

  • Data and Business Intelligence Assessment

    A detailed discovery process helps us understand your current technology challenges, your business, and your goals to define a data strategy and roadmap of where it can take you.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboards

    Put the information your customers or teams need into clear visualizations that make data meaningful and actionable, creating quick access to critical information.

  • Business Intelligence Managed Services

    Grow your data visualizations and get ongoing support for the technical foundation of your BI solution by relying on our experts to troubleshoot, work with you to suggest improvements, and facilitate your strategy.

The Power of Business Intelligence

Get more from data with faster, more accurate reporting and smart visualization tools.

Timely, Impactful Data Reporting

Are you getting bogged down by manual reporting processes? Building your own complex reports takes too much time and can be hindered by either an incomplete or an overwhelming amount of data. Business intelligence builds reports faster, decreases risk of errors, and facilitates reporting in various areas of your organization—all in real-time.

Data for Your Day-to-Day

A successful BI solution is intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible across your organization, so you don’t have to constantly rely on technical or data analytic experts. With successful BI, you empower all of your employees to perform day-to-day monitoring of key performance indicators, so you know exactly where your organization stands against your strategic business goals at any given moment.

Growth and Scalability

BI does more than provide marketing insights. It transforms your organization into a data-driven force and gives you limitless potential to experiment and gain new insights that help your business grow. As more users across your organization access and use data, ensuring your system scales appropriately also becomes critical. We create a BI solution that has the capacity to meet user demands and deliver requests in the most useful way possible.

Related Capabilities

We help clients integrate, organize, and visualize their data so they can tackle their most complicated problems.


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