Data Restructuring Gives Actionable Insights for J.Reneé Group

J.Reneé Group CIO/COO Coby Sparks met Resultant at a Tableau user group (TUG) event, leading to multiple conversations and meetings about the data challenges facing the company. After several conversations, Resultant presented a new way to structure data for their data warehouse in the form of a 500-page document. Sparks was skeptical but dug into that “light reading.” It set the stage for a new way of thinking and the start of a long-term relationship with Resultant.



The Problem: Inventory Management

J.Reneé is a fashion house that runs four lines of designer shoes per year. Within each line, shoe length, width, and color are highly customized, generating more than 60 potential inventory SKUs per line. Inventory complexity combined with long lead times made inventory management daunting. Through Sparks’s leadership, J.Reneé already used Tableau and realized that restructuring their data would enable them to set up a system that met their needs.

The Solution: Data Blending

Resultant introduced Alteryx, a platform for prepping and blending data into a useable structure. The resulting data marts provide Tableau the data it needs to create insightful visualizations. Data mart workflows seen below structure and prepare J.Reneé’s inventory data.

Gathering more insights from data enabled J.Renee to manage high-demand item lead times on a larger scale.

About the Client

Texas-based women’s shoe designer and manufacturer J.Reneé Group was seeking a way to improve their customer order turnaround time while juggling an ever-increasing number of SKUs. Though their business was already performing well, they felt pressure to improve inventory management and on-time delivery to meet customer demand.

Data Mart 1 Workflow

Data Mart 2 Workflow

Outcome and Impact

Dashboard Visualizations that Provide Actionable Insights

Once the data was properly structured, a series of inventory dashboards including multi-SKU inventory levels, sell-through rates, and lead times was built. Just-in-time inventory and SKU rationalization data allow J.Reneé to make more informed ordering decisions like when to avoid slow sell-through SKUs and when to increase in-demand SKUs.

A Tableau flash report contains a lot of data but provides it to leadership in a mobile-friendly, at-a-glance format, allowing them to make real-time informed decisions. Flash reports are sent automatically to J.Reneé’s leadership team daily.

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