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Defining tailored IT managed services: What are they?

One size doesn’t fit all. It never has. Legacy systems, siloed solutions, aging infrastructure, and provider contracts that don’t advocate for your organization’s best interests all create limitations in your IT environment.

Our team works to create just-right solutions that address how your teams work now and align your technology with your business strategy. You get a technology strategy that grows alongside you and the proactive support to ensure the tools you need function like they should.

Whether you’re seeking managed security services, managed storage services (including file storage services and document storage services), an infrastructure security agency, database managed services provider, cloud managed services benefits—or other IT needs—we’ll tailor your solution to meet your needs.

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Comprehensive IT Services and Solutions

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Data Migration
  • Disaster and Recovery
  • Hybrid Office Configuration
  • IT Assessments
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Multisource Service Integration
  • SaaS Ops
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Technology Strategy
  • Wi-Fi Configuration

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We offer a wide range of managed IT services that give flexibility to your business as you grow.

A reliable IT MSP significantly enhances business operations.

IT infrastructure management as a service allows your business to focus on core objectives, provides scalability and flexibility, and enhances security and risk management. Maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape with a trusted partner directing your IT infrastructure management needs. With our experts at your back, you can optimize your IT operations, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and ensure your IT environment remains robust and reliable as technology continues to advance.

By outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to our managed IT services, you offload the time-consuming tasks associated with infrastructure maintenance to our specialized experts. Give your internal teams more time to concentrate on more critical initiatives that directly contribute to your organization's growth and innovation. Our expertise, experience, and best practices ensure your infrastructure operates efficiently, securely, and reliably.

Get efficient helpdesk support through managed IT solutions.

Provide prompt, effective support to your users, minimize downtime, and optimize productivity. Our Helpdesk and Technical Support as a service simplify how businesses provide assistance to customers with technical issues, troubleshooting problems, and resolving IT-related inquiries.

Outsourcing help desk and technical support functions proves cost-effective for business operations. Building a traditional in-house support team requires hiring and training personnel, investing in infrastructure and tools, and managing ongoing expenses. But leveraging a trusted partner in managed services gives businesses access to a team of skilled professionals with deep expertise and resources, avoiding overhead costs associated with maintaining an internal support team. You allocate your resources more efficiently while still ensuring high-quality support for your employees and customers.

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IT services ensure streamlined, innovative cloud solutions.

Harness the power of cloud services: flexibility, scalability, cost optimization, enhanced security and disaster recovery capabilities, all while eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure.
Are your teams struggling with legacy infrastructure, outdated processes or a data strategy that no longer works? Our experts have helped organizations of all kinds move to the cloud and leverage cloud services toward their maximum potential. Resultant offers a full suite of cloud solutions like Cloud Migration, Cloud Optimization, Cloud Managed Services, Application Development and Collaboration and Productivity.

We have a robust team of certified specialists in multiple cloud platforms anda wide range of frameworks including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Cloud. Our team of solutions-oriented experts will help you navigate the cloud and pinpoint what works best for your specific need or project.

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Managed services safeguard businesses against cyberthreats.

Security threats are a real and growing concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Mitigate risk, financial losses, and damage to your company’s reputation by partnering with a reliable cybersecurity partner who helps you implement comprehensive security strategies. Guard against cyberthreats, safeguard progress, and maintain your regulatory compliance.

Get our team of security experts on your side to identify and address potential vulnerabilities and threats. Cyberattacks constantly increase in sophistication and businesses need robust security measures in place to protect sensitive data and intellectual property. By outsourcing security and compliance management you can:

  • Leverage expert knowledge and resources
  • Reduce the burden on internal resources
  • Ensure a higher level of compliance and provide peace of mind to your business and its stakeholders

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IT Asset Management

Keeping track of numerous assets can become a complex and time-consuming task, especially as your business grows and technology evolves. By outsourcing asset management, your company gains a team of experts to accurately track and monitor assets, reduce the burden on internal resources, and optimize asset utilization.

Gain better control and visibility of your IT assets; make informed decisions about asset allocation, maintenance, and upgrades; and ensure compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements. Efficient asset management leads to cost savings, improved productivity, and a streamlined IT environment, enabling your business to focus on core objectives and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Data Management and Backup

Data is a valuable asset for organizations, and its loss or unavailability can have severe consequences. By outsourcing data management and backup, you leverage our team’s expertise as they employ robust security measures, encryption, and redundant storage to safeguard data against breaches, disasters, or hardware failures. Regular backups ensure data recovery in the event of accidental deletion, corruption, or other data loss scenarios, helping to maintain business continuity, minimize downtime, and protect sensitive information.

In an era where data plays a critical role in decision-making and competitive advantage, efficient data management and backup services are essential for businesses to stay successful and resilient.

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IT Strategy and Consulting

Achieve seamless progress by aligning technology solutions with your goals and removing obstacles like unsuitable applications and ineffective or outdated processes. Our dedicated team is committed to thoroughly understanding your business, its operational dynamics, and aspirations—enabling us to collaboratively construct a technology strategy that propels you toward success.

Tap into a wealth of expertise, receive objective analysis, and gain valuable insights to align your IT strategies with business objectives by partnering with us With a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements, we develop tailored solutions to optimize efficiency, enhance your competitive edge, leverage emerging technologies, and navigate the complexities of the digital landscape—all while driving you forward.

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Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Monitoring and Performance Optimization as a service leverages specialized tools and expertise to continuously monitor and enhance the performance of your business's IT infrastructure, applications, and systems. It encompasses real-time monitoring, proactive issue identification, performance analysis, and optimization strategies.

With in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, performance metrics, and optimization techniques, we utilize advanced monitoring tools and analytics to identify performance bottlenecks, pinpoint areas for improvement, and develop strategies to optimize system performance. If you’re looking to maximize the performance and efficiency of your IT infrastructure, click below to learn more.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) as a service is essential for businesses to proactively maintain their IT infrastructure remotely. With real-time visibility, proactive issue resolution, and access to specialized expertise, tools, and insight, RMM enables businesses to efficiently manage their systems regardless of location, and ensures optimal performance, security, and productivity. The increasing reliance on remote work and distributed teams makes RMM as a service even more critical for businesses seeking to maintain a reliable, secure IT environment.

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IT Service Level Agreement Management

IT Service Level Agreements (SLA) are crucial for businesses to establish clear expectations, accountability, and performance standards with their IT service providers. By outsourcing SLA management, organizations can benefit from the expertise of service providers in defining, monitoring, and optimizing SLAs. This helps maintain a high level of IT service quality, ensures alignment with business objectives, and facilitates effective communication and collaboration between the business and the service provider. IT Service Level Agreements as a service contribute to a productive, reliable, and well-managed IT environment—ultimately supporting the overall success and growth of the business.

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We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

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Problems don't end.

It’s great to have an IT team you can rely on. It’s even better to work with experts who are proven issue-spotters—a team who makes it their mission to head off potential problems before they erupt. One with the experience and know-how to ensure your IT keeps humming along.

Your team struggles.

Without the right tools, doing great work is impossible. But those tools are different for every organization. A provider who has partnerships with all the heavy hitters and truly listens to develop the right mix propels you toward your goals.

Your strategy suffers.

Most IT MSPs focus only on your systems. That’s like expecting to finish an Ironman because you bought the gear. Success depends on close integration with your plan, your now, and the future you want for your organization.

We’re a different kind of managed services partner.

Relationships are just as important to us as technology. Your dedicated IT team contains not just technology experts but experts in your particular industry. People who’ve been where you are and know how to navigate the landscape of your unique environment.

We provide an alternative to the standard, fixed IT solutions model because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. In fact, it never did. We’re not just a provider, we’re a partner. That means you get a technology solution that’s all yours—and the team to manage it.

Clients Who Trust Our IT Services

Not sure where to start? We wrote the book on choosing the right IT managed services partner for your organization.

Find freedom with the right IT managed services partner.

Your organization has become more complex in the speed of today’s world—just like the technology that supports it. When you entrust your IT needs to a true partner, you gain the freedom to bring your focus back to what you do best: wholeheartedly pursuing your mission.

To stay competitive, companies need targeted business intelligence and risk reductions that aren’t always easy to execute in-house. But with some IT managed service providers, transparency isn’t a foremost consideration of service-level agreements, adding an extra challenge to budgeting. And if a provider doesn’t take the time to understand your specific needs (such as those regarding organizational structure and mobility), you’ll be left with gaps in your service.

We ask smart questions and listen carefully throughout a discovery phase that enables us to engineer solutions to support your people, processes, productivity, and progress. By homing in on your unique situation, we can tailor recommendations to build your most effective outcomes and give you a detailed, prioritized IT roadmap.

We work with you toward these goals, addressing day-to-day issues and effecting big-picture progress. With regular business reviews, our team provides transparency into how we’re serving you and offers guidance on the strategic development of your IT environment.

Clients like our work. They stick with us for years, often after having tried a traditional MSP. We’re all about relationships. More than 90% of our managed services clients continue working with us year after year—many since 2008, when we were just getting started. We’re glad to be partners in their success.

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One thing I have always appreciated about the Resultant team is their patience and their willingness to create different strategic solutions to find the one that will work the best for us. And, quite frankly, sometimes I think the Resultant team knows our business a little bit better than we do.

Gordon Flick

Controller,   Fathers & Families Center

One of the most important things about Resultant is that they’re proactive. They’re actively managing our IT issues rather than waiting until there’s a problem.

Tina Allen

Eye Surgeons of Indiana,   CEO

Our partnership with Resultant allows us to focus on the core operations of our business while knowing we are in good hands from an IT perspective.

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