IT Managed Services FAQ

What is IT MSP? Simple answers to your outsourced IT questions.

Your IT Managed Services Questions Answered

What is an IT managed services provider? 

An IT managed services provider (IT MSP) serves as or supplements your in-house IT team, providing a broader range of expertise than is feasible for most organizations to maintain on their own. A high-performing IT MSP provides proactive, holistic support for your technology ecosystem, giving you more than a partner who simply responds to your issues but heads them off before they become problems.

What do clients need from IT managed services?

Depends on the organization, but in many cases these services include IT helpdesk, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, collaboration tools, and technology strategy—basically anything technology-related that helps keep your organization running.

How do IT managed services work?

For a fixed monthly fee, your IT MSP provides the technology services that support your organization. You get on-call expertise for your technology and strategy without surprise costs.

Are IT MSP costs predictable, or do they fluctuate?

One of the great benefits of having an IT MSP is that it gives you a fixed cost every month. Unless you need services that fall outside your contract, your IT MSP fee stays the same.

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Do IT managed services providers support existing IT departments?

For many organizations, an IT MSP provides broad expertise and oversight for day-to-day technology and strategy so the in-house IT team can focus on projects related to the company’s specific objectives. Others lean on an IT MSP to provide their entire IT function.

At what point in a company’s growth should an owner consider finding an IT managed services provider?

There’s no stage in a company’s growth when an IT MSP couldn’t add value, but a technology partner is especially helpful during periods of change, mergers and acquisitions, or when a company is just starting out. If your in-house team is struggling to meet demand or lacks the particular expertise you need as your organization scales, you might want to get in touch with an IT MSP.

Does an IT MSP help mitigate risk?

Having an expert partner on your side relieves your cybersecurity burden, helps you address technology that no longer serves your organization, and collaborates with you to plan your IT strategy—all practices that provide stability so you can avoid risk.

Are IT managed services new?

In geologic time, yes. Otherwise, not so much: IT managed services has been around for all of the 21st century, developing out of remote IT helpdesk services. Since then it has become more complex as technology has evolved.

How many companies use IT managed services today?

With so many providers and so many kinds of services available, it’s impossible to say, but a fairly recent estimate from CompTIA says 64% of organizations are using one form of managed services or another.

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