Public Safety, Courts, and Corrections

Protecting a public that moves at digital speed requires technology that keeps up.

How We Help

Critical public safety efforts become more effective when agencies hold the power of data, technology, and process solutions.

The pressures of keeping a citizenry safe come from every angle. And with the stakes high, public scrutiny is intense. We help agencies make data-driven decisions, improve reporting and quality assurance, and build the tools that support end users and reveal data insights. Our partnerships have helped facilitate learning in prisons, enabled police departments to flag trends in traffic stops, develop programs that better combat recidivism, and more. 


Indiana State Police Vehicle Crash Prediction Mapping Tool

Use Case

Tackling Recidivism with a Prison Learning Management Platform

Learn more about how we’re working with Google and Michigan Department of Corrections to reduce recidivism and transform prison learning.

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Public safety solutions that meet your toughest challenges.

  • Court Modernization

    Achieve efficient, consistent justice administration court performance with accurate data and reporting.

  • Corrections Learning Management Platform

    Google and Resultant have built a scalable, customizable learning management system that frees administrators from manual processes and uses Chromebooks to securely connect offenders to the programs and resources.

  • Agency and Department Modernization

    Integrate data, technology, people, and process to reach the outcomes your teams and citizens need now as you prepare for tomorrow. Complex modernization projects move swiftly with support of expertise, experience, and meticulous change management.

  • Program and Policy Consulting

    Evaluate how effectively your existing programs impact citizens. An experienced, objective partner can provide the perspective that improves program reach and resource utilization.

  • CoRE

    Sharing data to collaborate on solutions doesn’t have to mean putting it at risk. Our CoRE platform protects data with iron-clad security and keeps you in control of permissions.

  • Citizen Experience Analytics

    Get a clear picture of how and when citizens interact with agencies during their lifetimes. Track correction resident paths to take preventative program measures that reduce recidivism risk factors.

Public Safety and corrections, enhanced with data and technology

The public has a different appreciation for public safety than they did prior to March 2020. The global pandemic opened people’s eyes to just how much agencies like yours do to keep things running smoothly in their communities. Everywhere citizens turned, they saw evidence of either prepared organizations or unprepared leadership, and even more was revealed as the pandemic lingered on and on. The right data and technology tools make all the difference in how you serve your citizens.

People are already entrenched in the digital world and carry expectations that every entity they interact with is, too. You’re solving difficult, complex problems. Extraordinary tech solutions can give you the insight to make your work have greater impact and reach more people. We provide public safety and criminal justice consulting services to support your mission through engaged partnership in a collaborative framework.

For a police department that wanted to better utilize its traffic-stop data internally and to provide citizen access, we helped design and implement a tool for ingesting data, an internal dashboard for data analytics, and a public-facing dashboard to support constituent transparency.

A reconceptualizing of prison education programs is on the verge of revolutionizing criminal recidivism. Using the Google for Education workspace provides not only more access to learning, but iron-clad security—paramount in a corrections facility.

Your Resultant team starts with your outcomes in mind and then digs in to help you achieve them, staying on time and under budget while blazing past expectations. We help clients get greater value from each project by carefully collaborating toward a strategy. We work closely with you through design and implementation, providing change management that ensures solutions are embraced and fully utilized. Along the way, we extend your resources by negotiating with vendors and through vigilant project management methodologies. Our cross-discipline teams offer broad perspective into your complex challenges. A trusted partner can help you achieve more than you’d thought possible.


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