Partnership with Michigan Department of Corrections Leads to Statewide Learning Management System

Connecting people who are incarcerated with greater opportunity benefits individuals, their families, and their communities, and we’re proud to have partnered with Google and Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) on a pilot program to do just that. That program will make a profound impact when MDOC expands it throughout the state, an objective the agency has just announced.

From pilot to statewide effort

A recent article on shares MDOC’s plans for a full rollout in 2022. The pilot program achieved 99.9% uptime, meeting one of MDOC’s primary concerns: extensive downtime that kept offenders from the training that helps keep them from recidivating. Further, the cloud-based system meets unique security concerns and maintains records and a Gmail account for each offender to utilize in their job search after release.

“We think that’s also one of the outcomes that’s going to be really important,” said MDOC Offender Success Administrator Kyle Kaminski in the article. “This will give prisoners more regular contact with technology. It’ll get them used to the idea of communicating using technology.”

While incarcerated, offenders can utilize the system to achieve certifications and master technical skills the job market requires. Because it facilitates virtual learning in addition to in-person instruction, the system extends the reach of instructors at a time when they’re desperately needed and enables deeper collection of student data that can be used to further reduce recidivism.

A secure, cloud-based system

  • The pilot program MDOC found success with enabled the organization to
  • Transition from a legacy system to web-based infrastructure
  • Implement a scalable learning management system
  • Provide secure testing environments that are mobile- and lab-friendly
  • Increase instruction capacity through livestream classes
  • Ensure secure access to online resources

Role-based security limits what offenders can and can’t access, and some degree of reverse-engineering was required to limit collaboration through Google tools. As the program expands, MDOC will be able to provide a full electronic law library to all offenders, expand training options, and refine efforts toward combating recidivism.

You can read more about the pilot program here.



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