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Information Technology Consulting

Technology that functions as it should barely gets noticed. It’s when systems crash, data gets lost, or applications frustrate progress that technology draws attention—and annoyance. A information technology consulting team focused on the outcomes you want can define and implement the infrastructure, cybersecurity, tech strategy, and applications that help your organization thrive, without drawing your attention from your business. 

Technology is essential. Harnessed purposefully, by diligent experts who pay as close attention to the needs of end users as to developments in their field, technology becomes the difference between status quo and success.

Information Technology Consulting

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our Approach

We’re passionate about technology because of what it does for people. Helping clients reach their desired outcomes drives us to configure solutions that serve objectives efficiently. Recommending technology for its own sake runs counter to everything we stand for: true partnership, maximized value, and solutions that help organizations thrive.

We approach collaboration with humility, empathy, and transparency, working toward a clear strategy and better utilization of the technology you already own. Our process is one of detailed discovery, creative brainstorming, and careful implementation that prepares people to embrace the technology to come—all led through meticulous project management that smooths the way.

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Our objective is helping you align your technology to your business goals and reach your desired outcomes—faster and more cost-effectively. We’re intrepid investigators, skilled technicians, and business consultants who take tremendous pride in making lives and work better through technology.

Technology that isn’t meticulously aligned with your business goals, people, and processes inhibits your progress and leaves you open to risk. Uncover underutilized software and ill-suited applications and work with us on projects like cloud migration, collaboration and productivity suite implementation, and cybersecurity upgrades.

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Avoid expensive shutdowns, security issues, and maintenance problems with proactive attention to your technology systems from a team devoted to big-picture thinking. You get more than just answers to your day-to-day technology concerns, you get a strategy for proactive management from experts who make it happen.

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Your digital transformation requires careful planning and creative solutions. When it’s time to address legacy systems, outmoded processes, or a data strategy that no longer answers your questions—or to improve functionality from cloud solutions already in place—our technical experts help you leverage the cloud.

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When the tools you rely on aren’t aligned with how your teams work, not only do you lose time, you risk losing sensitive data. To find the right tools and ensure your teams are equipped to use them, we’ll look closely at your processes and current technology to build a solution that provides greater access, collaboration, clarity, and security.

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Our developers solve your web, mobile, enterprise, and API problems by first getting a full understanding of how you work and the challenges you face. They then create fully customized or custom off-the-shelf solutions that draw from the smartest current technology yet stand the test of time.

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For businesses and government agencies to succeed today, they must assure their customers and constituents that it is easy to contact them across the channels with which they are most familiar. Whether they’re on the phone, reaching out via email, or chatting with a customer service rep online, people expect their questions to be answered quickly—and through the channel they are most comfortable with.

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Achieve comprehensive security solutions that prevent downtime and data leaks. We help you find the system vulnerabilities that could derail your progress, and we train your people to recognize threats so that your organization can thrive.

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Digital Transformation

Modernization isn’t a goal but a mindset. Get the full value from your technology and boost current capabilities with infrastructure, software selection, application development, and cloud migration projects that grow as your organization progresses, all orchestrated with insightful, meticulous project and change management practices.

Digital Transformation

“We decided to work with Resultant and continue to work with Resultant because they don’t look at IT in a vacuum. They understand how it integrates into the larger purpose, budget, and objectives of our organization.”

Jeremiah Pastrick Healthcare Claims Management, Vice President and Corporate Counsel

We're proud to help our clients thrive.

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