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Your successful cloud solution depends on all the factors that make your organization unique. It starts with your people and your strategy, and it’s customized to how you work and where you want to grow.

More than anything, it depends upon working with a team that’s exceptionally well-versed in Google Cloud integration. We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner committed to delivering exceptional service alongside just-right solutions.  

Google Empowered Services

The potential within Google’s cloud and productivity products is extensive. Services like these are a big part of how we implement Google solutions for our clients every day.

Google Empowered Services

The potential within Google’s cloud and productivity products is extensive. Services like these are a big part of how we implement Google solutions for our clients every day.

Stop sinking dollars into aged infrastructure while taking giant steps forward in capability. We help organizations innovate when they need a new way of getting things done. Our teams help improve outcomes by combining people, processes, and technology in a way that makes sense for your specific need, creating meaningful change and improving long-term outcomes.

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Google’s platform and our data science expertise give you a straightforward solution to finding the answers you need. Leveraging tools like BigQuery and Data Studio, our teams can help turn your piles of information into visualized, actionable insights.

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Find the right tools and ensure your teams are equipped to use them with a partner who helps you align your processes and technology for greater access, collaboration, clarity, and security. Learn how Google Workspace can make your teams more productive while increasing information security and decreasing costs.

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Find greater efficiency, functionality, and security with by moving siloed enterprise applications to the cloud. Our development specialists can help develop a migration plan that leverages Google’s cloud to connect applications, improve data redundancy, and improve deployment proficiency leading to more productive teams and lower overhead.

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Google + Resultant Solutions

With Google-enabled solutions, powered by Resultant’s team of certified experts, you can be sure you’ll get the right implementation for your organization. We’ve helped hundreds of clients find the cloud migration solution for their specific need, and we can help you to.

Google Cloud Platform

google cloud platform enabled by Resultant
Resultant has an experienced team of Cloud Developers that bring expertise in developing web-based app to streamline business processes, upgrade legacy applications, and provide custom development solutions. As a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner, the Resultant Developer team includes Google Cloud Professionals with both Data Engineering and Cloud Architecture certifications.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace collaboration and productivity enabled by Resultant

Resultant helps companies take advantage of the power of Google Workspace. With everything you need to get anything done, now in one place, Google Workspace is the ultimate collaboration and productivity powerhouse. With seamless integrations, web-first infrastructure, and blazing speed, Google Workspace enables businesses, educational institutions, and government entities to just work better.

Google Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome Enterprise powered by Resultant
Google’s Chrome Enterprise provides a secure, fast and reliable computing experience for users while streamlining maintenance and support via regular updates and IT managed configurations. Let our Resultant certified experts show your organization how to lower your total IT cost of ownership while adding security and ease-of-use to your computing toolset.

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education 250x116

Google Workspace for Education is the gold standard for how educators, administrators, and students get work done. Tailored and easy-to-use, students can use the suite of productivity applications included in Google Workforce for Education as their home base for documents and presentation creation, file storage, and more. Educational institutions love the easy to navigate administration console and deployment tools. Our Resultant experts can assess your current IT infrastructure and come up with an easy-to-implement migration or deployment plan that works for your school.

Certifiably Google

Work with a team who has achieved Google expertise from every angle. Our 70+ Google Cloud certifications include Cloud Engineer, Cloud Devops Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Architect.

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Meet your partners in progress.

Paul Bahl, Resultant Director of Google Business

Paul Bahl leads the Google business at Resultant and is tasked with expanding the Resultant brand and reputation as one of the longest-tenured Google Cloud Premier Partners in the industry. His areas of focus include Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Chrome, and Managed Services.

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We firmly believe that the skills and talent our teams possess with respect to Google Cloud and Workspace solutions are second to none. Our certified Google experts have successfully transitioned hundreds of clients and millions of their messages to the cloud using a proven methodology that makes migrations seamless - leaving nothing to chance. And once our clients make the move, they couldn't be happier."

Our Approach

Expertise means little if it isn’t thoughtfully applied to provide real solutions to the real people who need them. Every project we’re involved in starts with listening. We work closely with teams, leaders, and other stakeholders to deeply understand how we can help. And then we work with each client to develop the right solution—one that solves their problems now and continues to help them thrive as they move toward their goals.

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