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Drive value creation while reducing risk throughout the entire investment life cycle. We help you get there—fast.

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Make informed decisions that increase valuation.

Initiatives to spur growth, ensure profitability, and generate value become more challenging when manual processes devour resources and introduce errors, preventing insight and leaving reliable reporting out of the equation. Portfolio companies without technology that provides visibility into costs, operations, and everything that impacts profitability can end up eroding trust and value.

Speed up time to value with automation technologies and analytics tools that bring together siloed technology systems, ensuring the accuracy and visibility you need to make proactive, forward-thinking decisions.

Create and preserve value through trusted data-driven insights.

Get the trust and clarity both sides need for rapid growth.

Develop a data and technology strategy for more efficient operations, higher profitability, and better delivery with our expert guidance.

Streamline operational processes, increase transparency, break down silos, and build one source of truth with automation and interoperability technologies.

Optimize your technology platform and unlock data-driven insights with data professionals alongside experts in your industry.

of respondents in an S&P Global survey agree that increased competition for assets is driving their firms to reassess their use of data and technology.
of large-scale respondents and nearly half of small-scale respondents have deployed new technology to mitigate margin erosion, according to an EY private equity survey.
ROI boost occurs for companies who spend at least 10% of their revenue on digital projects, a Middle Market Center survey discovered.

Private Equity Firms

We collaborate with private equity (PE) firms to establish an optimal blend of standard and industry-specific KPIs that swiftly demonstrate value. Through this joint effort, we identify crucial KPIs for the business and consistently track and enhance them to elevate their investment to a higher level. The resulting framework can be adapted to other portfolio companies (PortCos), yielding proven technology standards and shorter timeframe for implementation.

Portfolio Companies

We know your world because we’re owned by PE, too. We know how to execute automated technologies for accurate reporting, freeing you to make effective business change. A clear history of data-backed decisions shows your company’s value, stability, and strength.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Use Cases

Retina Consultants of America

Who: PE-backed national retinal consultants consolidation group with 220 locations serving over half a million patients.

Problem: Rapid growth through acquisitions with disparate data systems resulted in fragmented, siloed data that didn’t provide a comprehensive company-wide performance view.

Solutions: Analyzed all data sources and systems, then rapidly developed data-centric solutions. Designed and implemented a payor contracting management system. Launched a system for ongoing data cleanup through user-facing GUI that allows nontechnical users to improve data quality in real time.

Outcome: Accessible, relevant KPIs and accurate data visualizations give clear financial and operational benchmarks and direction for company performance and growth.

Home Interior Products and Services Company

Who: PE-backed interior products and installation services company with 140 locations.

Problem: Rapid growth through acquisitions resulted in 20+ separate ERP systems causing data inconsistency and redundancy and no comprehensive financial and operational transparency.

Solutions: Performed detailed assessment across all ERPs to discern the quality of all master and transactional data. Strategized and deployed data readiness tool, enterprise data architecture evaluation, data readiness assessment for a pending ERP consolidation program.

Outcomes: Implemented new automated data profiling mechanism. Developed data remediation conversion approach and strategy for overall ERP consolidation. Established current-state data dictionary for all 20+ ERP platforms to inform the broader ERP program.

Global Private Equity Firm

Who: $40 billion global investment management firm focused on direct investments in middle-market companies.

Problem: Fast growth outpaced the ability of highly technical, labor-intensive dashboards to provide accurate results or to be repeatable for new acquisitions.

Solutions: Performed a rapid 360 assessment of current reporting capabilities to recommend and implement quick wins.

Outcomes: Comprehensive documentation of data source inclusion, current state reporting logic, future state reporting environment, and future state process flows; deduplication of logic; data governance improvements; and migration to more accurate, automated dashboards.


Who: PE-backed ecommerce children’s clothier.

Problem: The newly acquired PortCo struggled to provide timely, detailed reporting to their PE firm because inadequate data analytics capabilities required heavy manual processes.

Solutions: Iteratively implemented a data warehouse using automation technologies to accelerate results and dramatically decrease the traditional data warehouse timeline.

Outcomes: Received an accurate answer to their first question in about seven hours, with a fully complete and operational warehouse in a few weeks. The iterative approach scales well, allowing the client to add queries as needs arise related to company growth.

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Shed some light on business decisions with integrated, automated technologies

PE firms need timely and accurate insights regarding their investments. PortCos without technology that streamlines and automates processes and reporting—and that have isolated systems that don’t easily share information—have to scramble to manually generate insights to make business critical decisions.

As you might expect, this whole painful process yields suboptimal results: Everyone loses time they could direct toward value creation and/or identifying EBITDA levers.

By leveraging cutting-edge and cloud-first data analytics and technology solutions, Resultant's private equity practice empowers firms and their portfolio companies to make informed, strategic decisions at every stage of the investment lifecycle. From optimizing operational efficiencies to identifying growth opportunities, our tailored solutions harness the power of data to drive sustainable value creation, ensuring a successful exit strategy for our clients.

While everyone cares about the bottom line, slap-on, out-of-the-box technology fixes aren’t enough to solve these issues. We take the time to evaluate and home in on your organization’s exact needs, building solutions that have all the parts you need for now, are scalable in the future, and don’t have anything you don’t need. Your answers might include a data warehouse, automated analytics technologies, IT managed services, or business intelligence to connect isolated information and bring clarity.

Making business decisions in the dark is no one’s idea of a good time. Unless you’re into unnecessary stress, risk, and confusion (in which case, you’re really on the wrong website).

Technology change is not as scary as it seems. Talk to one of our private equity specialists today to find out how soon you can see results.


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