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Our fearless problem solvers work with you to build IT and data analytics solutions that fuel your business across the whole state of Texas and beyond.

How We Help

Technology solutions begin with people, right here in Dallas.

We’re Resultant, and we have a radically different approach to solving IT and data problems. Our team believes it’s more valuable, transformative, and meaningful when we achieve solutions with you rather than for you.

People don’t bring us their easy problems. They bring us the Texas-sized tough stuff: complexities that need a wide, clear-eyed view encompassing all the moving parts and proactive change management. Every solution we build begins and ends with the people who will be using it. It’s not the easy thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

We devote time to listening and learning how your teams work and what they like. We involve you in building better outcomes that last—with solutions that you understand as thoroughly as we do. That’s how we build people-first technology solutions together with you.

What’s your unique data challenge?

Damage Control

Is data system damage control keeping your organization from its full potential?

When your IT resources are tied up with damage control, there’s no room for your data strategy to do its job. Optimize your data systems to stop constantly putting out fires and you’ll have more resources to direct to what matters most.

Data Silos

Can your team tap into the data they need for actionable insights? Or are efforts thwarted by disparate systems that can’t communicate?

Disparate data systems don’t have to call for desperate measures. Seamless data interoperability is closer than you think.

BI and Data Analytics

What if the missing piece in your data strategy is simply looking at data in a different way?

Seeing is believing. Accurate BI dashboards give game-changing insights and empower a data-driven culture.

Impactful Data and IT Investment

Has a previous IT or data investment left you with new problems? When upgrades happen without end users in mind, solutions are incomplete.

No data or IT solution lasts forever. But when they’re built to be scalable, you won’t end up with an upgrade that never pays off.

Data-Driven Decisions

Do you make decisions from a clear understanding of your customers, competitors, and your own past performance? Or are you going with your gut?

Make the move from hunches to informed decisions. It’s time for data solutions that take the guesswork out of operations and strategy.

Predictive Analytics

Do you feel like you’re being tossed about in storms that impact your business? Predictive analytics is the secret weapon that lets you prepare for them ahead of time.

It’s not rocket science. It’s data science. And it will better prepare you to weather the storms that impact your business.

Find out how the Texas Rangers implemented Resultant's SDA framework to build a scalable data strategy for their new state-of-the-art stadium.

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