Strategic Data Assessments For Texas Businesses

Account for a full inventory of available data. Uncover gaps in data architecture. Gain a data strategy plan to help your business move forward and grow.

Modern Data Architecture Assessments for Dallas, Houston, and Austin

Modern data architecture is structured to support assets and resources within its system. When modern data architecture is solidly structured, it can help your organization’s data better coincide with your business strategies. The collection, integration, enhancement, storage, and delivery of the data can be made more accurate, available, and complete when the data architecture is secure. This increases the optimization of your organization's decision-making. Solid data architecture can be fine-tuned and established through our strategic data assessment to ensure that you're utilizing data to drive efficiency, which leads to accelerating the process from data collection to insights.

What is a Strategic Data Assessment?

A strategic data assessment essentially allows us to discover the gaps in your data architecture. An assessment can pinpoint how data is collected, determine where and how the data can do more for your organization, and provide additional insights you may not be aware of.

At Resultant, our team of data engineers, data governance specialists, data architects, and business consultants work to understand the full context of your business, strategy, and process. The results of the assessment offer the best strategies to achieve your business goals.

Foundational to Any Data Process

A strategic data assessment offers a comprehensive data inventory. The assessment reviews your data, how it's collected, where it's stored, and much more. Expert data analysts work with you to uncover how you can put your data to better use through a process of data discovery.

The data assessment is the first step in developing and implementing a data strategy that will be successful. A strategic data assessment conducted by our experts at Resultant can provide a customized plan equipped with the proper tools to move forward toward your business goals.

What Resultant Includes in Our Assessment

Without the alignment of your past and present data with your company’s goals and objectives, your data strategy is not nearly as valuable as it could be. An out-of-the-box solution leads to out-of-the-box results, not results unique to your organization. If you don't know where your data strategy stands, it's impossible to establish a roadmap for where you need to go. An assessment of your data strategy provides the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in an organized and streamlined way.

A strategic data assessment not only pinpoints the gaps in your current data and analytics capabilities but also discovers the best practices that are working for you. When a solid roadmap is defined through proper assessment of your organization's data strategy, it offers measurable, achievable, prioritized data goals.

A strategic data assessment will show:

  • How data is being collected and stored
  • Where the data could be better connected to other systems
  • Where the needs for data accessibility and visibility are
  • Requirements for up-to-date data security and compliance
  • Data-sharing processes shortcomings
  • What data analytics is currently in place
  • Information gaps
  • Problems that need to be solved for new use cases

Understand the Benefits of a Refined Data Strategy

On the high level, a data strategy refers to the processes, tools, and guidelines that allow for better analysis, management, and actionable data. Your team can have a more informed, data-driven decision-making process through a data strategy. A data strategy is fundamental in equating your data to value.

Not only does our assessment provide a plan of action for the use of data, it also integrates and addresses organizational change management to ensure all your teams can embrace the changes. Our assessments also allow for better data safety and compliance.

Helping Organizations Across Texas

We provide a strong structure necessary for achieving organizational goals across Texas. Once we conduct a strategic data assessment for your company, our team can better understand what is needed to reach your organization’s goals and provide your team with a better understanding of the data they are receiving. When you don’t utilize your business data properly, you miss out on benefits and opportunities tucked within the data you're already collecting.

No matter where your organization’s current data strategy is, our strategic data assessments benefit every stage of development. If your team is new to data analytics or working on updating your technology and analytics infrastructure, Resultant can offer our technological expertise. Through our years of experience and knowledge, we are also able to help expand proficiency for organizations looking to make the leap from descriptive to predictive analytics or those experiencing rapid growth who need their data processes to scale accordingly. Our team can also work with those organizations undertaking restructuring or cost-reduction initiatives, ensuring that data analytics does not lose its prioritization.

Why Choose Resultant as Your Partner

At Resultant, our expertise will allow your organization to collect, manage, and integrate its data insights to achieve your goals. Our well-established protocol for data strategy development saves time and money.

As your data partner, our team of experts focuses entirely on building an efficient strategy that could be more difficult to streamline with an in-house team. Our neutral perspective allows for more objectivity and innovation, allowing your organization’s in-house team to focus more on the day-to-day instead of being pulled in different directions.

Our team believes solutions are more valuable and transformative when they are reached together. We work as a true partner serving your organization's unique needs while also solving problems through proper data analytics, technology, and digital transformation. If you're unsure where to start, we've outlined everything you need to consider when starting a data strategy through this whitepaper. If you want to learn more about how Resultant can help you thrive, please reach out to our team.

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