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Give your organization the edge it needs to thrive with a competitive data analytics strategy.

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Critically examine business operations and past trends, accesses new insights, and make accurate predictions using data analytics.

Successful businesses in Texas commit to keeping up-to-date with technology to stay ahead of the competition. Data analytics consulting services thoroughly assess organizational operations, performance, and goals and determine what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Analyzing the right data in the right way reveals what works for your company and what doesn’t. It will also direct growth in ways that may not even be on your radar.

A viable strategy for moving from where you are now to where you want to be starts with objectively evaluating past performance and future goals.

Who We Are

Dallas’s Comprehensive Data Analytics Partner

Every industry gains incredible value from data analytics. Resultant is keen to help you manage and optimize capabilities, integrate and mature your expanding datasets, or even just begin the process of developing a data strategy. We believe solutions are more impactful, meaningful, and longer-lasting when we find them together. Our team of specialists partners with your team of experts to solve problems with you rather than for you.

Data Analytics Strategy

A data strategy clarifies and defines your organization’s long-term path to achieve its desired outcomes and impact. When your data strategy isn’t clear—or absent, which happens when growth outpaces your technology’s ability to support it—the future gets murky and unreliable.

Your company’s longevity relies on the ability to grow while taking excellent care of customers. To stay in the game, businesses must accurately assess which systems and strategies are performing and which don’t make the cut anymore. Data analytics strategy facilitates measuring progress—essential to stay scalable—while saving time and money and enhancing your customers’ experience.

When you partner with Resultant, our team of data specialists helps you achieve that.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Stay on target with our unique data analytics solutions.

Organizations need data solutions matched to the ever-increasing complexities of data to avoid overwhelm and stagnation. Eliminating data gaps and system complications while keeping tools up-to-date and aligned with strategy streamlines processes and accurately guides business decision-making.

Our team at Resultant partners with your stakeholders to tailor solutions to your industry and your organization’s specific needs.

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Data Managed Services

Data itself won’t move the needle. The actionable insight it provides will. Ongoing data maturity support helps you achieve and maintain the infrastructure you need to thrive.

Resultant’s data-managed services facilitate the actions needed to maximize the benefits of insights revealed through analysis. Our team invests time listening to your team so we deeply understand your business, operations, and needs, and can effectively help your organization overcome challenges along the way.

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What we do

Partnering with Resultant

Whether your industry is health care, private equity, insurance, state government, higher education, logistics, or mid-market consumer goods, you’ll benefit from on-point data analytics consulting.

Better, cleaner data and the ability to develop the right questions is critical to an organization’s growth. Data analytics systems that aren’t robust can’t adapt to ever-changing regulations, handle acquisitions and mergers, or stay scalable. Through data strategy development, data solution implementation, and data managed services, Resultant can help you move toward better data and better outcomes.

We offer key features and tailor-made solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Industry-based accelerators
  • Technology-agnostic solutions
  • Rapid prototype teams
  • Multi-source integrators for data (MSID)
  • Cloud solutions (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Get the most from your data with expert-backed capabilities.

Data assessments precisely show how your data can do more for your organization. Because we take time to listen to your team and fully understand your business, strategy, and processes, we form a deeply cohesive plan for data utilization so you get the most effective insight from your data.

Data maturity assessments objectively analyze your systems, discover and pinpoint gaps in how your data is collected and how well it supports your desired outcome, and guide planning how to improve.

Our team meticulously works to address the challenges you’re facing now while developing a strategy to address future challenges. We implement systems and solutions to serve your unique needs, ensuring high-value transformation.

Business intelligence services will help your business thrive along with strategies for data security, governance, engineering, architecture, and advanced data analytics through artificial intelligence. We assess your systems then help you build the roadmap needed to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

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Our approach to consulting is radically different than other consulting companies in Dallas, Texas—or anywhere else.

We know data analysis solutions are most effective when we understand your data processes and collection methods, and more transformational when we arrive at them together. We value relationships and strive to be your partner, not merely your provider. Determining where you stand now is the first step to achieving your desired outcomes in the future.

How do you know if your data analytics are optimized? Unless you ask the right questions about your datasets, your data collection won’t fully serve you. Sure, you’re collecting data—but to what end? Our team of data experts can help you determine the right questions that will reveal the insights that will help you thrive.

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