Partner-Led Training in Dallas

Certified partners and instructors lead Resultant’s software training programs. Resultant conducts team training worldwide for Tableau, Alteryx, Matillion, Google Workspace, and more.

Partner-Led Training in Dallas: Alteryx, Tableau, And Google Workspace

Data is the leading element in an organization's performance and decision-making. While gathering data is one important factor, managing it is another.

At Resultant, our team offers partner-led training for Alteryx, Tableau, and Google Workspace. Our team of experts works alongside your organization to empower them to set up the proper data analysis environment, connect data sources, transform data, and analyze it efficiently.

Proper data management helps lead to the optimization of a team’s work. Training from specialists in the appropriate tools for your organization’s needs will streamline the complexities of data management. Your team can lead elite data management processes and analysis with the right tools. Ensuring your team receives specialized training is essential to their performance and the objectives and mission of your organization.

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Resultant Training Programs

What to Expect

Resultant’s software training programs are led by certified instructors who truly partner with your team. Unlike other companies’ programs and offerings, we don’t simply tell your team what to do in hopes they absorb the information. We work with them to create a deep understanding of the tools they’ll be relying on so they integrate the knowledge that will lead to more impactful, meaningful, and longer-lasting solutions for your organization and its data.

Google Workspace Training

Resultant facilitates the highest rate of user adoption and satisfaction with our proprietary Google Workspace training approach. Our expert team of Google Certified Trainers works with your team, with consideration to the average user and their median rate of knowledge absorption.

Through our Google Workspace training formats, including virtual instructor-led, on-site instructor-led, pre-recorded on-demand, one-on-one executive training and support, and train-the-trainer, we ensure that no user is left behind.

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Tableau Training

As a valued Tableau partner, Resultant conducts Tableau training worldwide. Our certified experts can train your team virtually, live, or in person. Our packaged or customized Tableau training courses combine the fundamentals users need with our team’s specialized knowledge and experience.

Our Tableau Essentials courses ensure competence in Tableau's key concepts and functionality. Our Tableau Virtual Boot Camp offers faster-paced sessions to cover subject matter more extensively, but in a condensed time frame. Tableau Doctor Sessions allow you to get access to the expert help you need whenever you need it. In addition to these options, you can always talk to us about designing a curriculum more tailored to your organization's specific needs.

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Alteryx Training

Our team at Resultant is uniquely equipped to provide the expertise that gives you the greatest value from Alteryx. As an Alteryx Premier Partner, we offer you quick wins and real progress through proper implementation, ensuring your team is equipped to embrace the change. Our experts will tailor your configuration and installation of software and permissions, then help train your team to guarantee you're getting everything you need from your implementation.

We offer an Intro to Alteryx course, an Alteryx Analytic Apps course, and an Alteryx Macros course. Each course offers the fundamentals needed with hands-on experience to help build your team's confidence and capabilities.

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Matillion Training

Help your team get up to speed quickly with our expert-led Matillion training options. Our team takes the time with yours to help them integrate the big-picture view and see how processes and best practices will get them there.

Matillion training packages include one- and three-day virtual onboarding, a four-day on-site onboarding, Matillion basics training, and Matillion expanded training.

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Choosing the Right Data Analytics Tool for Your Organization

We’re technology agnostic. That means we can help you choose the right tool for your organization, not the right tool for ours. That’s why we offer multiple platforms to help make the data management and analysis process easier and more efficient. Each platform offers something different, allowing your organization to choose exactly what meets your needs. Our team can help you determine which platform suits your organizational needs better and which courses will ensure your teams get the knowledge and confidence to get everything out of it.

When in search of the best data analytics tool for your organization, the top factors to consider include the following:

  • Business objectives
  • User interface and visualization
  • Pricing
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Scalability
  • Sources of data
  • Customized options
  • Security

While all three offered platforms can provide you with what you need, your organization may thrive using one over the other.

For instance, Tableau utilizes visualizations more so than Alteryx does. Tableau may be the more appropriate choice if your team works best with visual learning. Alteryx offers the blending of modern data types to ensure you’re getting all the data you can.

Google Workspace, however, may offer a more user-friendly setup and implementation. Each platform offers its unique features. Our experts will help you choose the right tools for your organization with the guarantee that you’re choosing the right technology investment.

Getting Started

Resultant: Your Data Analytics Partner

At Resultant, we pride ourselves in our ability to serve you as a true partner. Our team of compassionate and dedicated experts will work with you, utilizing your team's skills and expertise level. We won't just lead you; we will teach you. Our partner-led training courses value those looking for a more focused and supportive program.  

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