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Listen in as data enthusiast and premier question-asker Jess Carter demystifies data projects, concepts, and outcomes with some of the greatest data-oriented minds around. Alongside a range of data experts, Jess unleashes her curiosity to solve problems in real time, unravel complex topics, and help you become the data-driven leader your organization needs.

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Introducing Data Driven Leadership

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Jess Carter

“I fell hard and fast for data consulting. It’s an honor collaborating with a team of such incredible talent—including our clients—to help unlock new possibilities. It’s fun and exciting, and I’m constantly learning new things.”

Finding a career in data and technology consulting was a bit of a surprise to Jess, who quickly found the thrill in making someone else’s problem her own and helping them find real, meaningful solutions. She has spent the past eight years consulting large state agencies in multiple states on system modernizations, data products, visualizations, and complex initiatives as a leader over highly complex data and technology projects for our clients.

Jess's education in international studies and religion aligns with her role now because she “actually majored in people” by traveling the world delving into others’ stories and beliefs. Her empathy and curiosity drive her to dig deep into clients’ problems; her creativity and strategic superpowers drive her collaboration toward transformative solutions.

Every conversation I get to have about data or technology is new. No two contexts, solutions and users are exactly the same, so our team is in a constant state of learning, sharpening skills and adding to our personal databases of experience. For me, people (customers, employees, users, clients) are always the most dynamic piece of the puzzle.

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