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Leap past systems that no longer serve your organization with a cloud solution that securely supports your strategy.

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Insist on the cloud solutions that support your most cost-effective, secure, and reliable future.

Are your teams fighting for efficiency through legacy infrastructure, outmoded processes, or a data strategy that no longer answers the right questions? Are you less than impressed with how your current cloud services deliver functionality, connectivity, or scalability?

You aren’t alone.

Our experts have helped organizations of all kinds move to the cloud and leverage cloud services toward their full potential. It's a sure step toward the agility and efficiency that helps your teams—and your organization—thrive. 

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Key Cloud Technology Partnerships

With certified specialists in multiple cloud platforms and experience working across a vast array of technology installations and frameworks, our cloud solutions experts can help you navigate the available options and pinpoint technology that works for your specific need and project.

We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a Google Cloud Platform Partner with more than 70 Google-certified experts, utilizing GCP for projects like infrastructure modernization and smart analytics. 

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We’re an AWS Partner with a team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects and employ AWS as a cost-effective cloud platform that delivers secure, purpose-built applications and feature-rich cloud services.

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Resultant ranks among the top 1% of Microsoft Cloud implementers nationwide and has earned Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner designations.

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What We Do

Smarter cloud strategy and cloud services keep your organization moving forward.

Legacy systems inhibit processes and derail strategy. We help organizations move past frustration with the automated tools and operating environment that help them thrive. We start with meticulous fact-finding into how you do business, how your teams function (and how they’ve been getting by with legacy solutions), and where you plan to grow.

With an understanding of your needs, current assets, and vision for the future, we work closely with you and your teams to develop the solutions that truly serve your organization, and we provide organizational change management that helps teams embrace them to deliver your quickest ROI.

Cloud services enhance security.

“But is it secure?” That’s the number-one question we get about the cloud, and why wouldn’t it be? Making the shift from “everything right here where I can see it” to “everything who knows where” is daunting, but cloud security actually offers a lot more than your on-prem servers ever did.

Cloud service providers have full-time staff to monitor for cyberthreats and to address patching—one of the biggest security issues and the one responsible for many of the data breaches you’ve read about. An experienced partner ensures you avoid threats from misconfiguration and offers long-term support, disaster recovery, and vulnerability management to protect your data.

We didn’t have the experience to do it alone. Resultant took the time to understand our culture and who the City of Fishers was—what we were trying to accomplish—and then came right along with us, which is what allowed us to be successful.

Mayor Scott Fadness

City of Fishers


How the Cloud Quickly Unlocks Data Value

Anyone who’s undergone a data migration project knows they almost never get done as quickly as everyone hopes. Along the way, you may find out the process is more complex than expected, what you started to build wasn’t what you needed, or that you don’t have leadership buy-in.

That doesn’t always have to be the case, though. Texas Mutual underwent a complex data migration project and completed it well ahead of schedule.

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Meet your cloud solutions team.

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Your next move: cloud solutions that propel your organization forward.

Has it been a minute since you checked in with your teams about how your current solutions are supporting—or frustrating—their work? In almost every case, there’s room for improvement from customized cloud solutions that don’t just improve on legacy systems but bring new methods of collaboration and productivity, more secure and cost-effective means of managing and visualizing data, and the tremendous impact of improved data analysis that actually answers the questions you need to ask to move forward.

That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with careful planning, strategy alignment, and a whole lot of listening. Our experts know that a solution that doesn’t align with the people and organizations it is intended to serve is no solution at all. They uncover the true needs behind every problem and build the solutions that address them. They’ve helped organizations of every kind find the answers they need from a variety of services and providers. Because we’re not tied to any one platform or provider, our experts work from the universe of possibilities to build what will truly support each client.

That’s a big part of why clients stick around after they experience our way of working. There’s a difference between fitting how teams work to a “solution” that hasn’t been tailored to them and showing teams they’ve been heard—and how their work life can become more efficient, more effective, and a whole lot more satisfying. That kind of alignment looks good on companies, and it helps them move forward faster.


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