Digital Transformation Helps The Villages Better Serve Indiana Kids

The Villages of Indiana is a not-for-profit licensed child-placing agency committed to supporting families and communities to build brighter futures for children, youth, and those who care for them.

They provide numerous essential family services such as child abuse prevention, foster care, adoption, and services for children as they age out of the foster care system.

Sensitive work demands cutting-edge technical solutions

Since The Villages works closely with the Indiana Department of Child Services to serve over 10,000 individuals annually, their IT needs top-notch security and compliance in intuitive systems so caseworkers can fully focus on helping children. We’re proud to have helped them with a complete digital transformation that began in 2018.

Some of the projects in the transformation include:

  • Server infrastructure modernization
  • Transitioning out of a legacy active directory setup
  • Guidance with hardware selection
  • Full cloud migration
  • Accounting software modernization

We had a setup from the late 1990s that was very taped together. Now we have a modern organization in which, if something happens to your system, I can have you up and running on a new system within two hours. That’s pretty impressive.

– Raymond Manley, IT Director, The Villages

How a digital transformation helped The Villages

Every organization likes to save money, but it means even more to not-for-profits. Their savings translate directly to better serving more people. The Villages’ digital transformation eliminated technology bottlenecks, gave more time to case workers, and freed IT resources from continually putting out fires, allowing them time for more innovative projects.

As Manley said, “This large shift that we’ve done has allowed us to move from a badly reactive organization to a highly proactive one.”

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