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Does your data strategically advance your decision-making, or does it create confusion without providing value or insight?

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A solid data strategy clears the path for your organization to make real impact.

Data has no value until it serves your organization. Messy datasets and murky data strategies provide no useful insight for decision-making, leading to missed opportunities and unsatisfying customer experiences.

Outdated systems and strategies make data inaccessible, leaving you behind your competitors and unable to measure your own progress. Complex questions find answers and business goals become reachable when our specialists assess your current data reality and align it to your goals. Whether in business, health care, insurance, private equity, higher education, or government, a strong data analytics strategy is key to your organization saving time and money while enhancing customer experience. Is your data strategy taking you where you need to go?

Impact Story

Connecting Datasets to Reduce Indiana’s Infant Mortality.

Clients We Serve

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Our team of data analytics experts meets you where you are to help propel your organization forward.

By taking the time to understand the details, we develop a holistic picture of where you are today— and, more importantly, where you could be tomorrow.

  • Prioritized Business Requirements

    We align your data strategy to your business goals, then prioritize actions to achieve those outcomes.

  • Maturity Assessment

    We map your current data and analytics capabilities against your business strategy and goals to outline your data maturity level. Get a data maturity assessment.

  • Future State Roadmap

    We detail a prioritized plan for implementing the capabilities that will best support your critical business objectives.

When our subject matter experts bring their industry-specific experience to your data, it reveals even more.

We collaborate with hundreds of clients across these and other industries toward better data and better outcomes.

Health Care

Improve patient outreach with meticulous data strategy. Outcomes include one source of truth for patient histories for a better customer experience, better preventative care through monitoring community trends, and more effective staff and resource allocation to better serve patients.

Learn more about our work in health care

Private Equity

Make the most of your data with a strategy that manages and organizes ever-growing datasets to help your portfolio companies increase value. Strategic insights can also guide future acquisitions and identify cross-selling opportunities across your portfolio.


A solid data strategy facilitates exceptional customer service by predicting claims trends so you can optimally position staff and resources in advance of needs. It ensures each customer’s profile is updated and accessible from all departments and provides overall cleaner and better-organized datasets. That's a formula for better-informed agents and a smoother overall customer experience. 

State Government

Solid data strategy creates one source of truth for all citizen information, paving the way for a seamless citizen experience across agencies. It also addresses missing information and inefficiencies while keeping private information secure, building citizens’ trust.

Learn more about our work in state government

Higher Education

Well-rounded data strategy can improve everything from retention rates to student performance to ROI for students and stakeholders—all while protecting student data from first admissions outreach through alumni status. You’ll also get a 360-degree view of each student and a clear picture of where you stand in this highly competitive market.

Learn more about our work in higher education 

Mid-Market Consumer Goods

A proactive data and analytics strategy will identify gaps in your supply chain and opportunities to optimize while providing one point of reference for all consumer data. A strong benchmark can illustrate how you measure up to competitors so you can improve your outcomes by making products easier to purchase—and to deliver on time.


From improving routes and getting products where they need to go to having one source of truth for all customer information, a data and analytics strategy will propel your business forward.


When it comes to data strategy and development, we meet you where you are to help you find and maximize data insights with these and other capabilities.

Our data and information structure is immensely more sophisticated now than it was four or five years ago. Now that the structure is in place, we are able to spend our time solving problems.

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Meet your Data Strategy team.

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Start making more data-informed decisions. Our actionable assessment will paint a strategic picture of your people, processes, and data systems.

Make sure your data serves your mission with thoughtful data analytics strategy.

Does your organization have data just sitting around, serving about as much purpose as a screen door on a submarine?

Data has no value until it serves your organization. An ad-hoc data strategy demands inordinate time and attention, and it does little to meaningfully inform decisions. Outdated systems make data inaccessible, leaving you vulnerable to missed opportunities and ill-informed action.

Our first step is understanding your current assets, frustrations, challenges, and processes through a discovery process that brings context to problems you’ve identified and uncovers potential issues lurking within your current approach to data and data strategy. When we know who and where you are—and which questions you need to answer to grow your business—we can help you optimize performance by drawing the most from your data.

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