Data Pipeline

Unless your data has the infrastructure to reach you reliably, your most precious resource may be slipping through the cracks.

How We Help

Ensure your data is supported by the infrastructure that delivers it safely.

Data can languish, become corrupted, or get lost along the way without smart infrastructure—a data warehouse and all the processes and functions that reliably deliver your most valuable resource.

A functioning data pipeline doesn’t just happen. It requires a vision with clearly defined goals, strategic planning, smart design, and ongoing support. And when it’s in place, you have your best resource for creating better customer experiences, helping teams boost efficiency, and reducing risk of errors.

Through a strategic data assessment, we evaluate and recommend a combination of software technologies and consulting services to optimize your solution—on a realistic budget and the right scope for the solution. Our team walks you step by step from recommendations to an implemented solution that ensures data is available when and where users need it.

Impact Story

CHA Leverages Resultant’s Data Assessment to Save Over $2M Annually

Engaging a company like Resultant and leveraging their strategic data assessment process made a big impact on getting buy-in across the CHA organization.

Lori Hotzel

CIO,   Children’s Hospital Association

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The Power of the Data Pipeline

Are barriers keeping you from your data? Optimizing your data pipeline ensures accurate data reaches you reliably.

ROI from Impactful Data

Are you ready to invest in your data but unsure where to start? Building a strategy to optimize your data pipeline is a great first step. Setting up the processes that keep clean, accurate data flowing from acquisition to analysis ensures lasting solutions and a solid ROI.

Data-Driven Decisions

A healthy data pipeline supports operational and strategic decisions based on a clear understanding of your customers, competitors, and past performance. Our team ensures your data is clean, accurate, and available where and when you need it for analysis, even if you’re in a crunch.

Data Silos

Can your team tap into the data they need for actionable insights? Or are efforts thwarted by disparate systems that can’t communicate? Getting expert guidance on your data pipeline can free up your data to best serve your analyses.

Predictive Analytics

What if your data could forecast events that will impact your business? A well-rounded and maintained data pipeline makes predictive analytics easier and more accurate by ensuring your data stays clean from collection to storage to analysis.

Partner of the Year

Committed to data.

We’re proud to be recognized by Coalesce as its first annual regional SI Partner of the Year for our work helping organizations like Retina Consultants of America, Rufflebutts, and US Radiology Specialists accelerate their data cloud adoption and build best-in-class data solutions.

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Related Capabilities

Improve your data from every angle to get the insight you need.

Supporting Software Platforms

We believe in empowering self-service analytics and leveraging automation, enabling clients to get to better data, better insights, better results—faster. To achieve this, we recommend whichever best-in-class industry software platforms fit your specific needs and solutions. Here are just some of our trusted partners.

Ready to modernize your data but not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know.


Maximize your most valuable resource with a healthy data pipeline that delivers clean, reliable data.

From Sour Milk to a Data Pipeline That Delivers

What if you turned on your faucet, and sour milk poured out? Or you turn on the faucet in the kitchen, and water comes gushing out of the family room TV? Nobody would stand for these failures of infrastructure, but organizations put up with massive flaws in their data infrastructure, technology, and processes. And the cost is huge: Without reliable data right where you need it when you need it, you can’t deliver what customers most want, forecast your next moves, become more efficient, or make any of the other improvements that rely on insight.

An effective data pipeline isn’t out of reach, even if what’s coming out of your faucet now is woefully inadequate. It starts with strategy. Our team takes a close look at what you have now, how it’s falling short, and where you need it to grow. Our strategic data assessment helps find the way forward that makes the most sense for your starting point, goals, and budget. We’ll then help you move from recommendation to implementation—and the solution that keeps your data safe all the way from collection to analysis.

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