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You have data. But what is it doing for you?

Organizations today have a deluge of data: data about customers and what they buy, employees and where they spend their time, equipment and the work required to maintain it, competitors and their own performance in the marketplace. For many companies, that’s the end of the story.

But what if you could utilize the same type of intelligence that helps predict election outcomes, the weather, and the spread of communicable diseases to reduce risk and identify opportunities in your business? That’s predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics finds relevant patterns in past and present-day data, then utilizes statistical analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling to forecast likely trends, behaviors, and outcomes in your business. From determining whether a new customer is a credit risk to how the change of seasons will impact sales to evaluating the cost-benefit ratio of a different supplier, predictive analytics can give your business a competitive advantage.

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Combining Geospatial Tools and Machine Learning to Map Predicted Crash Locations

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The Power of Predictive Analytics

Our data experts also have extensive experience in your field. We collaborate toward better data and better outcomes in these and other industries.

Health Care

Predictive analytics in health care gives a better patient experience and more accurately allocates resources ahead of needs by predicting which people are likely to develop specific medical conditions and anticipating the progression of diseases in both singular patients and communities.

Learn more about our work in health care

Private Equity

Predictive analytics facilitates better decision making by predicting growth, risk, and value across potential portfolio companies. Advanced analytics and machine learning keeping watch over your assets gives you an additional advantage.


Predictive analytics predicts claims trends, helping you better allocate resources in advance of needs and providing an overall better customer experience. This wide view of your data could be the edge you need in this competitive field.

State Government

Use predictive analytics to forecast the needs of citizens and help identify gaps—current or future—in services to meet those needs. Building more trust in government leads to a better overall citizen experience.

Learn more about our work in state government

Higher Education

Identify trends and influencing factors in admissions, retention, and graduation rates and myriad other aspects of the student experience. Predictive analytics’ machine learning and data science will help build a better student experience.

Learn more about our work in higher education

Consumer Packaged Goods

Use predictive analytics to illuminate what consumers want now and what they’re likely to want in the future, as well as find opportunities to optimize your supply chain and purchasing process.


Predictive analytics can show you how to optimize your supply chain, reducing risks and inefficiencies while improving your bottom line with more happy customers served.

Impact Story

Reducing Criminal Recidivism through Data Analytics

Historically, corrections organizations largely focused on the punitive aspects of incarceration, but with recidivism rates at 60% or higher, many agencies have searched for other answers. We helped the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) utilize advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to act on the data they already had regarding delivered programming and long-term outcomes. IDOC can now optimize programming for current offenders based on that insight.

Related Capabilities

Gain a thriving edge when you make your data a trusted advisor through these and other services.

  • Predictive Analytics Readiness Assessment

    Before you launch a predictive analytics program or move to shift yours for greater ROI, get the details that drive your success through a predictive analytics readiness assessment.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Our data analytics team creates customized solutions that help you sort through the intricacies of your most complex challenges so you can spot patterns and predict outcomes that serve your mission.

  • Business Intelligence

    Decisions based on stale data are unreliable and require inordinate time and effort. Our team helps put the tools to support your business strategy at your fingertips in clear, intuitive dashboards.

  • Data Engineering

    Gain a system that utilizes data as your biggest asset. Our data engineers deliver reliable pipelines and infrastructure that prepares your data for analysis to help you make better decisions for your organization, your customers, and your future. 

  • Data Infrastructure

    With smart data infrastructure your organization becomes more efficient, collaboration improves, and productivity booms. Our team works with you to implement data infrastructure that reduces your operational costs and serves as a strong foundation for your data environment.

  • Data Modeling

    How can you use your data to meet your business needs if you don’t know what data you have? Our team will design a well-structured, flexible data model that represents your data accurately and reliably even as your data evolves.

  • Data Governance

    Data holds no value until it’s consistent and accurate. Find the strategies that let you safely share and utilize data to support your organization’s goals, break down silos, and solve problems.


Use your data history to set your organization up for an unstoppable future. Talk to our data experts today.

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