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High demands on state government agencies are exacerbated by overburdened technology resources. We partner with agencies to build the solutions that make their work more efficient and extend its reach.

How We Help

State projects come with a lot of complexity, making an experienced data and technology partner essential.

Because collaboration and organizational change management are essential to what we do, we’ve built a solid track record of guiding complex projects to success.

When you work with Resultant, you partner with passionate advocates who approach your toughest problems with the experience, insight, and empathy that transformative solutions are built upon. Our team includes technology, data, and project management experts who’ve served state governments firsthand.

Impact Story

Statewide Data Clearinghouse Delivers Secure Data Sharing Across State Agencies

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.


You have complex challenges. We have a team with insider knowledge and objective insight for building solutions through these and other services.

Meet your state government solutions team.

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Director, Strategy & Outcomes

Director, Public Sector Services

Director, Indiana Government Services


See how your organization can go further in achieving great outcomes.

State Governments Are Different.

We get it—we’ve been there. Our subject matter experts intimately know the unique structures, protocols, and challenges you’re working within. Collaborating with outside help is frustrating if you first need to explain How Things Work inside an agency under a state government umbrella. You don’t have to do that with us. No overexplaining, no dumbing down. We can get right to the heart of how to help your state government connect with constituents and present itself as a confident, effective organization, creating outcomes that matter.

Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Indiana’s unemployment insurance system (Uplink) never went down? Resultant was brought in as a partner on this project during the Great Recession. Uplink easily handled the tremendous influx of claims in 2020 and gracefully accommodated additional programs like pandemic assistance as they came into law.

“Oh boy! I get to call the government!” said nobody ever. But what if, in an experience with your contact center, citizens got their questions answered quickly and agents increased the people they helped without extra effort? What if your website allowed people to locate forms and upload documentation without confusion? If your website consists of a phone number that leads to an overloaded phone tree in which a citizen can never reach the right person, we can help.

It’s all possible with the right partner.