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If you’re just beginning your career, you might not yet know what type of work suits you, what challenges motivate you, or which problems you want most to solve. At Resultant, we’ll help you figure it all out.

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What's it like working at Resultant?

Day-to-day life at Resultant is exciting, challenging, and inspiring, and we need rock stars to take the stage and help our clients solve their most pressing problems. As you dig into the work, you’ll better understand where your passions lie and what career trajectory you’d like to follow. And Resultant supports you every step of the way with committed mentors, brilliant colleagues, and some pretty great snacks. If you don’t yet have years of experience, that’s okay. We’re looking for someone who finds challenges exciting, who appreciates people and what drives them, who is comfortable coloring outside the lines, and who wants to make an impact in the greater community.

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We like being different

What makes us unique?

Resultant is an amazing place to begin your career journey. With positions available in data analytics, technology, and digital transformation, our teams work on the cutting edge of business and public sector work—with some of the biggest companies in the country. What makes Resultant so special?

It’s us. Our people.

The passion and dedication that we bring to our work, our clients, and each other every day is infectious. We work toward the best results for our clients because we are genuinely invested in the work they are doing and how our teams contribute to their success.

And we lean on each other, leveraging the best of our collective talents, to produce the best possible outcomes.

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Our people-first philosophy isn’t just for our clients and our communities—it defines and drives our company culture. We are constantly supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to be our best selves.

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Our values are not just words on our website—they’re who we are. Our values are what set us apart, both in the way we work and the outcomes we drive with our clients. The Resultant team lives up to them every day, working hard to ensure our company’s success.

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I learn something new every single day, and I feel like I'm part of building an organization that has legs. I appreciate that I'm consistently humbled by the talent and caliber of our team.

Resultant Team Member

Resultant has done an excellent job of identifying smart, talented, dedicated people. It is an encouraging environment.

Resultant Team Member

Everyone here is incredibly bright and fun to work with. I have the opportunity of working with some of the nicest, most intelligent people that I have ever worked with.

Resultant Team Member


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