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Our people-first philosophy isn’t just for our clients and our communities—it defines and drives our company culture. Whether it’s through community involvement opportunities, continuing educational development, company outings, team competitions, social events, and more, we are constantly supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to be our best selves.

We’re the coworkers you actually want to grab lunch with. Or shoot the breeze with over an espresso in our downtown office. What truly matters to us is that our people have everything they need to be successful, impactful, and happy.

If an environment dedicated to making a difference, self-improvement, lifelong learning, and having a good time sounds right for you, check out our open positions. We’d love to meet you.

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Award-winning culture

Empathy isn’t just something we bring to our client engagements. We take an empathetic approach to our employee experience as well, ensuring that we continue to grow in ways that serve our team. It’s likely also why we’ve received awards across the country for our company and culture.

Computerworld Awards

  • 2023 Best Places to Work in IT and a Top Hybrid Workplace
  • 2021 Best Places to Work in IT

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TechPoint Mira Awards

  •  2021 Exceptional Employer Nominee
  • 2020 Exceptional Employer Nominee
  • 2020 Scale-up of the Year

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PowderKeg National Culture Awards

  • 2020 Top-Rated Culture
  • 2020 Top-Rated Sales & Marketing Team Culture

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive beliefs form the core of our organization.

We believe in positive change and community growth. That’s why we’re building a diverse team and supporting programs that impact the development of diverse talent.

The company really does care about its employees and the clients. It's not just fluff. Everyone really does try and do their best for each other.

Resultant Team Member

Everyone I have worked with is extremely open to helping you find the resources you need to complete your task or get better at your job. Entering the workforce after graduation can be stressful, but they all made me feel confident that I can do the work and will help me get the work done if I need a little extra support.

Resultant Team Member

Resultant has created a culture that is tightly aligned with its mission statement and values. Organizational decisions are given careful consideration to ensure they are aligned with company values and in the best interest of the employees.

Resultant Team Member

Data Driven Leadership

Guiding Principles for Data-Driven Leadership

In this episode, Resultant CEO Greg Layok shares his leadership experience and the importance of data-driven approaches. He emphasizes the necessity of putting people over processes in management, and he advocates for Agile principles as guiding principles for behavior, trusting teams, and providing them with the autonomy to excel.

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