Organizational Change Management

Will your technology implementation bring the ROI you’d hoped for or fall short because of internal uncertainty and resistance?

How We Help

Organizational change management makes transformation possible by addressing the human side of technology changes.

Too many organizations have become frustrated by technology projects that went sideways because of resistance from the people who’d use them. Change is tough, and technology advancements usually mean big investments. You get your best ROI on those advancements when you include organizational change management practices to prepare for, manage, and reinforce your shift. Our team works alongside data, technology, and project delivery specialists to minimize disruption and ensure you achieve lasting, transformative change.  

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Organizational Change Management: Beyond Emails and Training

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What We Do

Successful implementation depends on a balanced, people-focused approach that includes technical and change management.

Organizational change management ensures your project delivers the ROI and outcomes you want. Our team supports you through every stage by:

  • Helping you prepare for change by evaluating the change ahead and how agile your organization is.
  • Designing a change management strategy that’s right for the implementation and the organization.
  • Utilizing the change management techniques that align with your needs, communicating them clearly, creating training plans, and coaching leaders to shepherd change.
  • Reinforcing change by measuring adoption and usage, getting feedback from users, and developing improvement plans.

The ROI Difference

Projects with effective change management are

  • 6X more likely to meet project objectives
  • 5X more likely to stay on schedule
  • 2X more likely to stay on budget

Source: Prosci

Meet your organizational change management team.

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Director, Organizational Change Management

Angela McDowell

Angela McDowell

Organizational Change Management Consultant

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Robert Saling

Senior Consultant

Allison Potteiger

Organizational Change Management Consultant


Make the most of change by ensuring it’s embraced by your teams. Our organizational change management specialists can help.

There’s change, and then there’s transformation. Organizational change management makes the difference.

Progress won’t rest, as much as we’d all sometimes like it to take a seat for a bit or at least follow some kind of predictable path. Organizations that thrive don’t rest, either. They do sometimes get in their own way when it comes to integrating new technologies. Relying on intuitive answers is part of the problem. For instance: Maybe your urge is to protect teams from the process side of change as new technology is integrated. That’s a noble impulse but in actual practice tends to make people feel disengaged and resentful of change, because whatever is coming feels forced upon them. 

Organizational change management smooths the way with proven techniques for overseeing change in a manner that engages teams, improves outcomes, maintains schedules, and even—believe it—gets teams excited about change. Whenever you undertake a disruptive technology integration, give it a soft landing by focusing on the people and processes it will impact as much as or more than the technology itself. They’re why it exists in the first place. 

And your people can help you get the best ROI on any new technology you integrate. As much as you may know about what happens in your organization, you are relying on a lot of other humans who’ve figured out a lot of ways to do their own jobs better. Failing to start any change process by asking them how they work and what they need makes getting all you want from a technology impossible. You—and they—deserve better.  

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