Allison Grayson

Allison Grayson

Senior Director, Org Change Management

Allison Grayson was an organizational change management expert before it was cool. Long before it was a dedicated area of service or an identified need in organizations undergoing transformation, she saw critical value in areas of organizational structure and team effectiveness, training, and development.

Grayson worked at Resultant for over a year, serving clients while defining what organizational change management as a service would mean, determining how it would be delivered to clients, and building a team of willing enthusiasts before stepping in as the new department’s inaugural director.

Organizational change management is the make-or-break factor in a project’s success, and leader sponsorship is the most important component of it.

The change management team proactively identifies risks, resistance, and obstacles to project adoption and helps organizations reap the benefits.

Grayson has more than 20 years under her belt as a research- and data-based customer experience consultant for large organizations focused on improving customer loyalty and employee engagement. Resultant is her second inaugural director of organizational change management title; she previously served in that capacity at IU Health.

Grayson enjoys rooting on the sidelines at her son’s high school football games, is not entirely adjusted to being the parent of a college freshman, and when not working chooses to do literally anything that doesn’t involve computer screens. She and her husband have just started playing pickleball, and all of Resultant anticipates their performance in our first official company pickleball tournament.

Favorite Resultant Value:

  • Thoughtful Collaboration
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