Meet Our People: Mike Baur, Senior Director of Education Strategy and Development

We’re thrilled to introduce new Senior Director of Education Strategy and Development, Mike Baur. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Mike brings a unique blend of expertise and perspective to our team with his extensive experience in education technology, strategic execution, and executive client relationship management.

Mike’s career trajectory is a testament to how curiosity, flexibility, and a deep dedication to solving problems can lead to incredible places. Rather than having an outlined, predetermined career plan, his path unfolded through a series of opportunities that combined his technical skills with his passion for making education accessible and impactful. This journey from programmer/analyst at a university to a leading force in education technology speaks volumes about the power of adaptability and vision—a lesson that resonates today with both students and fellow professionals.

With over two decades immersed in technology and education, Mike has become a cornerstone in the industry. His expertise spans technical sales leadership, management, generative AI product development, and SaaS implementation. Mike has proven himself a catalyst for innovation and growth, advocating for practices and technologies that drive significant advances in learning outcomes.

A highlight of Mike’s professional journey is his pivotal involvement with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, where he contributed to the foundational investment work of the Ed-Fi Alliance. Here, his focus on data interoperability, security, and privacy in student information has left a lasting impact on the industry. His transition to Amazon Web Services further strengthened his ability to lead and inspire as he established a strategic growth advisory business development motion that pushed the boundaries of cloud-centric product innovation and market strategies.

Drawing on his vast experience, Mike doesn’t just bring technical proficiency to Resultant; he brings a philosophy of meaningful and purposeful innovation. He believes deeply in the transformative power of empathy in technology and education—a perspective he lives both professionally and personally. Mike’s life outside of work is rich with experiences, whether snowboarding, engaging in circuit fitness classes, or most importantly, spending quality time with his daughters. These moments of connection and physical challenges keep him grounded and remind us of the multifaceted individuals who drive our mission forward.

At Resultant, we’re more than just problem solvers. We’re a community of individuals committed to making a difference. Mike’s perspective that the state of education in the U.S. represents not just a challenge but a national security crisis highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions. It’s this kind of forward-thinking and commitment to societal impact that makes Mike an invaluable addition to our team.

We’re looking forward to the expertise Mike brings in technology and education and are excited to see the influence of his passion, his commitment to purposeful empathy, and his visionary approach to the challenges educational organizations face.

Welcome to Resultant, Mike. Together, we’re set to embark toward delivering even more transformative outcomes in the education sector.

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