Data Science Manager Alexa Myers Recognized with Tech 25 Award

Alexa Myers was recognized by TechPoint during their ninth annual Tech 25 awards with an award in Tech Innovation Strategy & Community. This came as no surprise to her teammates here at Resultant, who have appreciated Alexa and her work since she started with us in 2020.

That year was a big one for Alexa, as the transition to remote learning at Rose-Hulman meant that she was able to begin her career at Resultant prior to graduating with a double major in mathematics and economics, with a concentration in statistics and operations research and minors in statistics and Spanish. She was also an 500 Festival princess.

Data Science for the Win

Alexa’s first responsibilities at Resultant included work on public health data science projects where she regularly presented findings to government officials.

In one project with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we performed national immunization analytics, comparing disparate immunization information systems with demographic and geographic measures. The objective was to look for pockets of inequity, lack of vaccine availability, and behavioral patterns in vaccination behaviors. Alexa responded with detailed statistical analysis, custom datasets, and an interactive visualization that she personally presented to the CDC director.

“I’m passionate about communicating data science. I don’t like presenting a finding to someone where there’s no explanation behind the science, just some mystical black box where magic happened to draw these conclusions.”

– Alexa Myers

Alexa begins her work with empathy because she believes who a client is as an individual and why solving this problem is important to them informs how to set up for success moving forward. “If you don’t solve the problem in a way that is meaningful to the client and really addresses their pain points, it won’t work for them,” she said.

A Force for Good

Alexa’s enthusiastic spirit shines through in all her interactions with people. She’s involved in Junior Achievement’s JA Jobspark, a two-day, hands-on career expo for eighth graders. She’s an advisory board member for Rose-Hulman alumni, where she acts as a liaison between the institute and its alumni. She coaches a cross-country team of kids eight years old and under at her nearby elementary school club. And she works with the 500 Festival education program, teaching fourth graders about health and, of course, the race.

At Resultant, Alexa serves on the DEI committee, is a Great Game of Business huddle leader, and organized our participation in the Best Buddies Friendship Walk.

Leading by Example

Since her first year at Resultant, Alexa has effortlessly and naturally risen into leadership, building an extremely talented group of early-career data scientists.

Data science is such a new major; it didn’t even exist when I was in college,” Alexa said.

She leads new recruits with purposeful empathy and courage, pouring her support and knowledge into their careers and making sure they understand our clients’ businesses and objectives.

She has also played a significant role over the past year in helping our employees embrace and improve their financial literacy and knowledge of the company’s business operations, one of our major 2023 objectives.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true: I came to Resultant for the work, but I stay because of the mission, vision, and values—for real,” said Alexa.



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