State of Indiana and Resultant Discuss Role of Data in Improving Healthcare Outcomes

As a result of innovative data analytics projects, the State of Indiana was recently featured on the Internet of Things with Game Changers radio show tackling the heavy topic of “Life-saving Innovations: Healthcare, Infant Mortality ,and the Internet of Things.” (The phrase “Internet of Things” refers to the technology movement in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.)

Indiana’s Chief Information Officer Paul Baltzell and Resultant’s Managing Director Charlie Brandt participated in the round-table discussion broadcast on October 29, 2014, along with Tim O’Malley, president of EarlySense, Inc., a medical device company focused on next-generation patient monitoring systems.

Offering varied expertise and perspectives to the discussion, all three shared their passionate desire to reduce infant mortality in Indiana and their beliefs that technology and data will help achieve this goal. Within the broader discussion, topics such as patient data privacy, the growing need for data scientists and engineers, and the proactive application of patient data to prevent adverse healthcare events from taking place were also tackled.



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