Early Childhood Education

During a critical developmental stage, services matter more. We help states find clarity in the complexity to best support kids.

How We Help

Delivering services through a complex and essential system can get easier.

Finding insight across the universe of federal, state, local, and private entities that provide early childhood education becomes simpler with seamless data sharing and advanced analytics. Work with experts who've navigated early childhood education toward solutions that address your unique challenges. Our team starts with a thorough discovery process and collaborates with you toward your most effective ECIDS, CCMS, data architecture, IT ecosystem, or other solution.

Impact Story

Indiana Expedites Federal Pandemic Assistance Delivery to Child Care Providers

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Innovative solutions for early childhood education start with these and other services.

  • Project Turnaround

    Missed deadlines, budget gaffes, vendor issues, or any of the myriad potential issues that derails a project don’t have to be the end of the story. Insightful project turnaround plans overcome obstacles through resource allocation, risk management, technical expertise, and a lot of communication.

  • Strategic Data Assessment

    Discover gaps in how data is collected and how it supports or fails your desired outcomes. Through an objective process of discovery, analysis, and planning, a strategic data assessment shows how data can do more for your organization.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Our data analytics team creates customized solutions that help you sort through the intricacies of your most complex challenges so you can spot patterns and predict outcomes that serve your mission.

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

    Lean on the expertise and objectivity of a team that reliably steers projects to success by providing technical guidance, creating alignment, and ensuring meaningful change through your complex data or technology project.

  • Agency Modernization

    Integrate data, technology, people, and process to reach the outcomes your teams and citizens need now as you prepare for tomorrow. Complex modernization projects move swiftly with support of expertise, experience, and meticulous change management.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Within the complex early childhood landscape, we help align priorities, maximize systems, increase transparency, and ensure connectivity to improve service delivery to children and families.

  • Technology Strategy and Planning

    Find your just-right solution—and a prioritized roadmap for achieving it—with a team that delves deeply into your needs to support your strategy and the agencies you work with.

Impact Stories

Our clients have achieved great things.

Early Childhood Integrated Data System

An early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS) wasn’t performing as expected, and state leaders were eager to pinpoint why good intentions and a major investment hadn’t yielded the insights that would improve programs for children and families.

IV&V Brings Sanity to a Sprawling Technology Project

For many years, FSSA had envisioned a modern, enterprise-level care management system that would help make service delivery seamless, enable data sharing among related government entities, and better serve users in- and outside the agencies.

Moving Quickly to Increase the Reach of Pandemic Nutrition Assistance

Family and Social Services Administration and its Division of Family Resources (DFR) oversee P-EBT assistance and partnered with Resultant to improve data intake and validation so they could better serve eligible families.

Meet your team

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Senior Director, Education Practice

Sr. Consultant, Education Services | K12 Lead

Early Care and Education Manager

Toward Greater Clarity in Early Childhood Education.

The funding is going to come from federal, state, local, and private entities, and the range of services is always going to be overwhelming. Regulatory concerns aren’t going away. And the absolute importance of taking care of kids during such a propulsive period of development will only get bigger as we understand more about brain development and the host of socioeconomic factors that affect it.  

Those realities are outside our purview. What we can do something about is how all those complexities are managed. We’re data and technology specialists who have been helping government clients at all levels for as long as we’ve been around. Along the way, we’ve brought in a lot of experts with specific education experience that help shape just-right solutions for our clients—and guide projects to success within complicated organizations.  

If you want to implement or get more from an early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS), for example, we do that. We do it by starting with a meticulous discovery process that guides what we build and how we implement. That part of our process is imperative to success, and we use it whether we’re helping implement or improve a child care management system (CCMS), helping out with software selection, building the data architecture that will support data sharing, or assessing an IT ecosystem to help develop a technology strategy.  

Our process always starts with the people experiencing the problem. Find out more about how we work with education clients.  


Learn more about the potential of data and technology for early childhood education.

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