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Fundamental resources deserve premier technology and data support.

Insight becomes accessible with data solutions that help connect agencies and answer questions. No matter your starting point, there’s a path to the more efficient processes and systems that help you get more from data. We help states prepare for and implement the Ed-Fi data standard, visualize critical data, or simply maximize their cloud services—all with diligent organizational change management and vendor oversight.

Impact Story

Indiana Builds a Public Spending Dashboard to Continue Conversations about COVID-19 Federal Aid

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Innovative solutions for state education agencies start with these and other services.

  • Google Workspace for Education

    The struggle to engage students and maximize their limited school time is a growing challenge, and it becomes more manageable with tools that provide collaboration and connection, boost productivity, and support student learning.

  • Technology Strategy and Planning

    Find your just-right solution—and a prioritized roadmap for achieving it—with a team that delves deeply into your state education agency to support your strategy and your districts.

  • System Integration

    Connect applications, services, systems, and databases to create a seamless, reliable IT ecosystem—one that’s scalable and adaptable so it can meet your ever-changing needs.

  • API Development

    A well-designed API heightens security while it ensures ready communication from student information systems, giving you greater reach and your school data more value and usability.

  • Vendor Management

    A neutral third party who understands technology and data—and prioritizes issue spotting, communication, and problem solving—provides even the most complex project with stability. 

  • Organizational Change Management

    When your upgrade is complete, will anyone use it? A well-considered plan paired with effective strategies to build trust, create alignment, and address conflict ensures projects find success and are embraced.

  • Cloud Migration

    Making digital moves can be messy, complicated, and unpredictable. A seamless, secure move also prepares your teams to utilize new capabilities so you get the fastest, most robust return on your investment.

  • Cloud Optimization

    Are you getting all you could for the cloud services you already pay for? And what’s missing from your cloud lineup? An objective assessment and clear roadmap show you the route to better value, security, and effectiveness.

  • Longitudinal Data Research Design

    Understanding the link between life circumstances and their long-term effects opens new possibilities for student outcomes. We work to design the research that answers your most critical questions.

The educator pipeline is ready for a radical rethinking. Discover the route to a modern data system—and how it can drastically improve the way data supports educator development.

Meet your education team.

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Find out how our team can help you achieve great outcomes.

Clarity, Statewide.

It’s a complex job to keep the gears of education turning for a huge student population spread out across schools and districts—across socioeconomic lines, geography, culture, and so on. Does what’s happening in one school represent a trend for the district? The state? How do technology gaps stand in the way of data sharing or learning? Can the digital divide be bridged without detriment to a number of other initiatives?

We pride ourselves on helping clients past obstacles and toward greater insight with data and technology solutions customized to their needs. Within our committed team of data scientists and technical specialists you’ll also find former educators, administrators, and researchers committed to helping agencies address their challenges. We help organizations define the technology strategy that will best serve their needs, and we lead organizational change management that ensures any implementation is a success. Our team is skilled at addressing data integration and has facilitated secure data sharing and collaboration at every level of government.

As our education practice has evolved, we’ve partnered with universities, K-12 schools, early childhood education agencies, and state departments of education. We’ve delved deeply into career and technical education to help determine which programs delivered the desired outcomes for employees and employers. We’ve implemented the Ed-Fi standard, helping schools compile accurate, reliable data to get real-time data insights to help educators respond to need, and we made understanding data easy with user-friendly dashboards.

What could the right technology solution and clear data insight do for education in your state?

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