Cloud Optimization

Are you getting all the cloud you need—and nothing more?

How We Help

What worked for on-prem solutions falls short in cloud environments. We ensure you have the resources you need now and as your business grows.

Cloud resources create not just new potential for ease and efficiency but a lot of opportunity for waste. Cloud optimization gives you peace of mind that you have the resources to manage the applications you need, meet your storage and security requirements, and control costs.  

For too many organizations, cloud environments have become a budget sink that proper configuration could have avoided. Putting the right cloud infrastructure in place gives you the efficiencies you need now and a foundation for scaling your company.  

Impact Story

State of Colorado’s IT Overhaul with Google Cloud Platform

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What We Do

Optimization means customization. We work with you to deliver exactly what you need from the cloud.

Finding the balance between performance and value requires not just the expertise to develop appropriate cloud solutions but the insight to help you identify wasted resources, manage expenses, and cut unused or abandoned resources to ensure your cloud spend is optimized.

And because that sweet spot is always changing as your teams, tools, and organization shift, our team provides the monitoring you need to keep your cloud environment functioning appropriately, ensuring security, scalability, backups, and proactive management.

Related Capabilities

We help clients optimize the cloud with these and other services.

Meet your cloud optimization team.

EVP, Managed Services

Director, Google Sales

Director, Google Services

Fred Gottman

Senior Manager


Make sure your cloud spend is in line with your needs.

The cloud brings limitless potential, which can quickly become spiraling expense.

The promise of the cloud—greater flexibility, scalability, and potential—also means a lot of ways to spend more than you need to. Especially because your needs don’t stay the same for long (and neither does technology). Cloud optimization keeps your spend in line with what your teams and organization truly need, weeding out what’s no longer useful, and making sure you have all the resources you need.

Whether you’re making a move to the cloud or looking for oversight for your current utilization, careful evaluation of your needs helps you find ways to save money, right-size, and trim unnecessary features to boost performance. Our team provides an initial evaluation to set your organization on the most appropriate path and the oversight you need to manage resources as you scale.

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