Communication Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Communication and collaboration challenges drove Flaherty & Collins Properties to take action, calling on Resultant for technology solutions to problems arising from ineffective communication, a disconnected remote workforce, and reliable access to productivity tools.

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Flaherty & Collins Properties is the Midwest’s largest multifamily developer. Over 500 employees work together to build, lease, and manage 15,000 properties working from the Indy headquarters and property offices across the nation.

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"Office 365 allows us to be fully integrated where everything is working seamlessly. It’s real-world, modern, fully integrated. That applies to those in the office and those working remotely – everyone can work closely together. This has hugely improved our operations."

Brian Moore

Marketing & Communications Director,   Flaherty & Collins Properties

The Problem

F&C used on-premise servers to house its communications solutions including email, document storage, calendars, and more. This configuration proved to be a challenge for employees and difficult for the IT team to manage.

For the 70% of employees who worked remotely, simply accessing corporate email and sharing documents was a slow, multi-step process without complete functionality. The IT team was overburdened by ongoing maintenance of the system and the volume of related helpdesk requests.

The Solution

The Resultant business technology team began working with F&C in 2012, undertaking a variety of technology projects and serving as its managed services provider. Our technology roadmap included a planned upgrade of their communications solution as the on-premise servers neared their expiration. Microsoft Office 365 emerged as the leading solution for this upgrade, allowing flexibility for growth while addressing immediate communication and productivity needs.

We developed a holistic plan for a migration that addressed the technology as well as the people and processes involved. Before migration, Resultant and F&C worked through key steps to build internal buy-in and drive adoption. A communication campaign informed employees of timelines and built excitement around the launch, and a pilot with a small, diverse group of employees refined migration strategy. Training through implementation and beyond integrated full functionality of the solution and drove productivity.

The Outcome

Flaherty & Collins has experienced a number of transformative benefits, most noticeably from full integration of communications across F&C’s growing, geographically diverse, and mobile organization. Consistent and seamless access has simplified communication between headquarters and property offices. Separation between employees at headquarters and remote locations has diminished, and better collaboration and client service is emerging.

Office 365’s reliability, combined with the ease of managing one system instead of many, have drastically reduced time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting. Because adding and subtracting users is such a simple process within Office 365, business growth and change have become a seamless IT process.

With its robust toolset, Office 365 has enabled F&C to operate at the highest level of communication, collaboration, and productivity—and positioned the organization to seize opportunities for strategic alignment and greater efficiencies.

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