Cloud Migration

A move to the cloud doesn’t have to be messy or complicated, and it expands your capabilities immediately.

How We Help

Cloud migration isn’t just about improving technology but making life better for teams.

There’s no one way to do cloud migration, and the options go far beyond choosing your platform, a hybrid approach, or even a multi-cloud approach—through the big three providers or alternative cloud platforms. How you do business and where you plan to grow matter, too. Why you want to undertake a move to the cloud. But the most important consideration is people: how your teams work and how clients interact with your organization.

Our team collaborates with clients to fully understand all the elements of their cloud migration and the humans it affects. We integrate organizational change management practices to every migration to ensure that teams embrace the move and you get the fastest, fullest return on your investment.

Impact Story

Improving Technology Services and Productivity for The State of Iowa

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Key Cloud Partners

With certified specialists in multiple cloud platforms and experience working across a vast array of technology installations and frameworks, our cloud solutions experts can help you navigate the available options and pinpoint technology that works for your specific need and project.

Google Cloud Premier Partner

We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a Google Cloud Platform Partner with more than 70 Google-certified experts, utilizing GCP for projects like infrastructure modernization and smart analytics.

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AWS Partner

We’re an AWS Partner with a team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects and employ AWS as a cost-effective cloud platform that delivers secure, purpose-built applications and feature-rich cloud services.

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Microsoft Gold Partner

Resultant ranks among the top 1% of Microsoft Cloud implementers nationwide and has earned Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner designations.

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What We Do

From wherever you are now, we help you find your best way forward.

A cloud readiness assessment gives you a clear picture of your current processes, technology, the ways your teams work, and your organization’s strategy. Having a detailed view of where you stand fuels any successful cloud migration or optimization.

Before you can reach the benefits of a cloud migration or optimization, collaborating with our team to assess what’s in place now, how it’s used, and how you intend to scale your business gives you the surest start.


Get all you can from cloud solutions with these and other services.

Meet your cloud migration team.

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Find true cloud solutions and greater efficiency.

Get to the benefits of cloud migration without the headaches.

The big three—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—know us as premier partners. Our clients know us as great listeners, hard workers, and fearless problem-solvers. We help clients handle cloud migrations seamlessly, ensuring they end up lightyears ahead of where they were.

Because of how we work—as collaborative partners who innovate to create just-right, people-first solutions for clients—we’re adept at matching needs and wants with the unique cloud solutions that best serve each organization’s needs. We’re not going to shoehorn you into this platform or that but build the solution that responds to the details of where you are now and where you plan to grow. Maybe that’s one of the big three, a hybrid solution, multicloud, or something else entirely. We speak cloud, whether that’s Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, IBM, Cisco, DigitalOcean, Linode, OVHcloud, Vultr, Backblaze, or something else entirely. Try us and see.

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