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The Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides the tools need to develop, build, run, and manage the applications your organization relies on to thrive.

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Through Microsoft Azure and beyond, Resultant's collaborative and empathetic approach to solving problems is unique; we're true partners who make your problem our own. 

We partner with Microsoft and offer Azure as a solution to managing your cloud computing, content delivery networks (CDNs), and interoperability needs. Rather than requiring multiple applications to handle these issues, Microsoft Azure can take care of all these needs with a single application that’s easy to set up and use.

Together, we'll make a difference in your business and the community you serve. Addressing your technology challenges leaves you more time for progress.

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Exploring Azure Use Cases

Microsoft Azure gives you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead. We're confident that Microsoft Azure will align with your goals and help you reach your desired outcomes. It’s an all-in-one cloud computing platform that is secure, efficient, and growth-oriented.

Through Microsoft Azure, your organization can

  • Build, maintain, govern, and expand blockchain networks with little effort
  • Create and manage Kubernetes clusters
  • Extend infrastructure across multiple environments, including office workers and at-home employees
  • Utilize satellite systems for communication and processing without the need for a ground station

Why Resultant Leverages Microsoft Azure

We’ve implemented Microsoft Azure solutions for clients of every stripe. Azure is a reliable answer and one we often rely on in our quest for just-right solutions. No one wins when you use a technology that doesn't align with your goals, mission, or purpose. Several benefits come with Microsoft Azure deployment:

  • A spatial intelligence graph to model relationships among and between people, places, and devices
  • HDInsight, a customized Hadoop deployment that helps solve massive amounts of data faster
  • Azure Cosmos DB, a hosted NoSQL database for use cases, and Azure Search, an OData-based managed search service
  • Cloud-based services that play videos, indexes, and transcodes while protecting content without bandwidth concerns
  • Stack Hub, which provides on-premise access to all its services securely with maximum bandwidth potential

The Benefits of Azure

Every business owner knows how complicated maintaining a cloud-based platform is. With upfront costs, maintenance, troubleshooting, and buying add-ons for all your needs, you've already sunk thousands of dollars and hours of administrative time into the process before you're even using it. Often, the platform doesn't fit the size of your company or integrate well with at-home users. Accommodating both is becoming increasingly important as more employees work remotely.

You can get Microsoft Azure up and running without up-front costs and minimal time delay. You'll pay only for the resources you consume, not some set maximum you'll never fully use or don't even want. With your resources intact, you'll gain the following benefits, as well:

  • Seamless integration with any other Windows Microsoft product and a particular affinity with SharePoint
  • Scalability to fit any size of business; you don't have to worry about switching software no matter how quickly your organization grows
  • Seamless transition from in-house databases to the cloud
  • Compliance certifications for government users, which Microsoft Azure is the first to offer
  • A Linux-compatible version
  • Easy to connect and monitor all your devices, telemetry, and analytics services

Traditional issues with cloud computing don't have to be pain points for your business. Microsoft Azure streamlines and secures these services in an all-in-one, accessible program so you can focus on what you do best—serving your customers and making a difference within your industry and community, and for your investors. 

Harnessing Microsoft Azure’s Capabilities

One of the biggest challenges IT professionals face is establishing a cloud-based platform that doesn't drain time and resources and immediately fulfills the company's needs. Once the software is deployed, many businesses find it doesn't offer the computing, processing, or growth potential they need. Windows Azure makes this process simple, quick, and cost-effective.

No Upfront Costs

You don't pay for Windows Azure up front, so there's no sinking money into something you're not sure will work. You pay only for the data and services you use, and you're not investing money into resources that have yet to pay off.

Minimal Delay

Many users experience no delay in the time it takes to provision the resources needed for cloud computing. You’ll waste less time waiting and spend more time making a difference.

C-Suite Favorite

Windows Azure is a favorite of C-level execs because it centralizes all their computing needs. They waste less time hopping between applications or waiting for slow networks to finish tasks and spend more time meeting their company's needs.

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