Resultant “Inspired” – Microsoft Inspire

The week of July 15th, Resultant attended the 2019 Microsoft Inspire event in Las Vegas. Inspire is Microsoft’s annual conference where it brings partners together to share near-term strategy and product roadmap. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, Resultant offers extensive experience successfully implementing Microsoft technology for clients and attends Inspire to continue to grow our expertise, learning about what’s emerging on the Microsoft product landscape and how to help our clients maximize the use of their Microsoft technology. Deepening our team’s expertise supports our approach to client success by focusing on achieving clients’ desired outcomes for technology as well as ensuring a technical sound implementation. 

Ryan Gould, Director of our Business Technology practice, Ryan Achterberg, Director of Resultant’s Business Applications practice, and Beau Brunnemer, Resultant’s Product Consultant, all attended and left feeling “inspired” and educated about what’s next with key Microsoft products like Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft AI, PowerApps, Teams, Azure, and more. 

For the Resultant team, three major themes emerged: 

1. All about Apps: It’s anticipated that there will be more apps built within the next five years than have been built in the last 40 years altogether. What does this mean for your business? Considering the amount of development set to occur, Microsoft created PowerApps tools to more easily allow citizen developers the opportunity to explore developing some elements on their own, or more easily in partnership with professional developers. All Power Platforms build on Azure services, in addition to having connectivity back to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. 

2. Collaboration is Key: Effective communication is key to the productivity level and ultimately, the success of any business. With that in mind, Microsoft Teams is continuing to grow in its ability to provide well-organized, transparent, and team-focused communication within organizations worldwide. With over 13-million daily active users, there is no question that there is power in implementing a collaborative communication tool in the workplace. In fact, Resultant Consulting has implemented this application within our own organization and are finding it to be incredibly effective, particularly as the functionalities continue to grow. 

3. Products are Getting Predictive: On a mission to elevate all functions within a business, Microsoft is focused on the continued growth and maturity of AI and the powerful impact that it can make within the workplace. A complete new set of modules now exist that can enhance customer service, predict sales pipelines, and holistically provide an effective and efficient view of a business through predicative and advanced insights. Not only are these predictive insights available within Dynamics 365; all of the cognitive service capabilities mentioned above are also available in any application that is built within the PowerApps family. Globally, organizations who embrace and implement these tools will have cutting-edge ability with their new advanced insights. 

As technology professionals, attending the Microsoft Inspire event enlightened our minds, our approach, and our desire to continue elevating our people-centric implementation of Microsoft products in the workplace. Contact us to discuss how our team can help implement and integrate Microsoft applications for your organization. 



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