Resultant to Participate in Google Public Sector Pilot Enablement Program

As a global technology leader with a constantly evolving slate of offerings, Google Cloud leans on technology partners around the world—and we’re proud to have been among them for 15 years. We also understand that for newer partners, developing a deep understanding of the details that make Google Cloud products the right solution for a particular problem can be a daunting task—especially with such a wide-reaching lineup of products.

So we were honored to be asked to participate as Google Public Sector developed its Google Workspace Delivery Sprints, based on a new framework for the comprehensive enablement of partners to scope, deliver, and deploy solutions critical to the mission of public sector institutions. Google Public Sector is refining the pilot program alongside trusted partners, and we were honored to be among the first participants. Our Google Public Sector sales and tech delivery team went through the program and provided feedback.

Our team met with the Google Public Sector team weekly, worked through a carefully selected curriculum of live and self-paced online trainings, then joined Google Cloud for a two-day bootcamp to complete the sprint, which is designed to be achievable in as little as 90 days.

Google Cloud offers a vast product set with an extensive partner ecosystem, and this program is designed to facilitate streamlined onboarding and partner enablement. We’ve been a Google Cloud partner for 15 years, so we have our ducks in a row, but getting to this level took a lot of time. Learning the processes, use cases, and expectations—Google Cloud has done a great job of making that easy for upcoming partners.

– James Allen, Director of Google Services for Resultant



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